Coyote Mentoring: Part 2

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On April 8 in Blewett, 16 educators took part in the Coyote Mentoring (part 2) workshop. Through our workshop bursary program, CBEEN supported the Kootenay Lake Local Chapter of BC Environmental Educators Provincial Specialist Association (EEPSA) in hosting this event.

Dave Verhulst and Gabriel Keczan together presented and demonstrated how to use the “Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature’s” natural learning cycle and 13 core routines to facilitate effective activities for engaging children. The learning cycle follows compass points: northeast-open, east-inspire, southeast-activate, south-focus, southwest-take a break, west-gather and share, northwest-reflect, north-integrate, and northeast-close. Layered on top of this flow are 8 attributes of connection. The 13 core routines are types of activities to use in the order of the natural learning cycle.

Dave’s presentation exemplified all of the above. His focus activity was to walk barefoot (fox walk) blindfolded to follow and find the beating drum. This took us over water running down a slope and rocks and through brush -very fulfilling to have to activate our other senses. The participants embraced the challenge.

Participant Feedback:

When planning an outing I will plan to spend more time with engagement and developing curiosity before the focus activity.

I will follow the natural learning cycle as Dave provided from the Coyote Guide and choose core routines to fit.

I feel more confident in being able to use the book after this workshop.

That there is so much learning to be had when I take my students outside!!!!

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