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We are pleased to offer the following workshops & webinars in partnership with our members and partners.

If for any reason we are not able to run an event, we will provide participants with as much notice as possible, and if there is a fee we will offer a full refund. View our COVID-19 policy, and our refund policy. Certificates of completion can be issued upon request.

Online Learning:  Teaching EE and Climate Change: A New K-10 Big Ideas Framework

Facilitated by Dave Quinn. Hosted by CBEEN, EEPSA & C2C.


Environmental Educator Dave Quinn will share a draft set of Environmental Education and Climate Change Education BIG IDEAS, with linked Curricular Competencies and Content for these critical, overarching subjects whose content is currently sprinkled throughout other curriculum areas.

This workshop will help educators navigate the challenges of teaching critical concepts for environmentally literate students of all ages, and these new BIG IDEAS help guide teachers through age-appropriate concepts and topics relating to Environment and Climate Change.

All attendees will be entered for draw prizes including 2 Take Me Outside t-shirts and a $50 gift card for the Outdoor Learning Store!

Cost: Free

Donations welcome

Online Learning: Using the Visual Arts in your Outdoor & Environmental Learning

Facilitated by Paulina Stankovski. Hosted by CBEEN, EEPSA & C2C.


This 1.5 hour online session will focus on presenting three different art projects inspired by nature. Educators will explore photography, acrylic painting in the style of Ted Harrison, as well as create natural sculptures inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

Facilitator Paulina Stankovski is a BC-based artist and teacher, with over 20 years experience in both elementary and post secondary classrooms. She is also the owner of Artinka Art Studio and Art School in beautiful Invermere, BC. Paulina is passionate about art and  the outdoors and inspiring students to get outside!

All attendees will be entered for draw prizes including 2 Take Me Outside t-shirts and a $50 gift card for the Outdoor Learning Store!

Cost: Free

Donations welcome

Online Learning: Inspiring Environmental Learning through Music & Song!

Facilitated by teacher and eco-singer Remy Rodden. Hosted by CBEEN, EEPSA & C2C.

4pm Pacific, Thursday, Jan 28 (60 mins)

In this “voices-on” workshop, we’ll investigate the wonderful world of “envirosongs” or “songs for environmental education”. Veteran educator and eco-singer Remy Rodden will lead you in a few tunes to lift your mid-winter spirits and celebrate the natural world. He’ll also share some tips on how to use music and song to supplement your teaching for different grades, some song-writing ideas and where to find other resources.

You’ll also be invited to share your success stories using music as a launchpad for environmental inquiry. If nothing else, we’ll have fun singing together!

All attendees will be entered for draw prizes including 2 Take Me Outside t-shirts and a $50 gift card for the Outdoor Learning Store!

Cost: Free

Donations welcome

Online Training: Art of Participatory Leadership – Catalyzing Action to Address Complex Issues of our Time

Facilitated by David Stevenson, Bob Stigler, Ingrid Liepa, Jayme Jones and Jenn Meilleur. Hosted by CBEEN.

9:30am – 12:30pm Pacific, every 4th Friday January-May

It’s time, right? In our personal lives, in our organizations and in our communities, it is time to join hands, hearts and minds to create new paths forward. Climate disasters, COVID-19 pandemic, and calls to embrace equity and end racism — they all combine into unparalleled opportunities to reimagine and recreate the lives and communities we want, now.

Join us. We will build a movement and a community to learn and build participatory leadership skills from the Art of Hosting tradition as well as developing other regenerative practices. Together, we will take time to reflect and find next wise actions, using emergence and self-organizing to guide us forward.

Cost: Varies

Non-profit Rates, Early Bird Rates and Bursaries available

Outdoor Play in the Early Years

Facilitated by Get Outside & Play.  Hosted by CBEEN.

6pm – 7pm Pacific, Wed, Feb 3

Everything is possible outside – children are more physically active, the natural world enters through all the senses, community connections are made and emergent curriculum takes off! During this session, we will explore how outdoor play supports child development in the early years and give you practical places to start with loose parts, simple activities and inspiration!

Join Christina Pickles for this virtual presentation. Christina runs Get Outside & Play! She has been an environmental educator for 20 years connecting people of all ages to the natural world. Six years ago, she pivoted her work, putting outdoor play at the centre. She believes play is the best way children (and adults) connect with nature, their communities, their bodies and each other.

All participants will be entered in a draw for a copy of ‘Dirty Teaching’ by Juliet Robertson, courtesy of the Outdoor Learning Store! 

Cost: Free

Donations welcome

Leaving a Legacy for Environmental Education, Learn How

Facilitated by Laurie Klassen and Caitlin Hall-Sharp & hosted by CBEEN.

5pm Pacific, Thurs, Feb 11

Join Laurie Klassen and Caitlin Hall-Sharp at this virtual information session to learn more about how you might be able to leave a legacy for environmental education.

As you know, environmental education is a long-term investment in the general health and well-being of individuals, communities, ecosystems and the planet. Our goal in establishing this Environmental Education Endowment Fund is to allow us to support environmental education in perpetuity.

This session will provide a short overview of this endowment fund, as well as several (no pressure) options for how you might be able to contribute to this, both now and in the future.

Cost: Free

Donations welcome and everyone who attends will receive a $40 gift card to the Outdoor Learning Store!

Opportunities, Barriers, Strategies towards Inclusion

Facilitated by Karen Lai and hosted by CBEEN, Green Teacher, Take Me Outside and C2C

4pm-5:30pm Pacific, Thurs, Feb 18

This webinar will focus on the implementation of inclusion. It will include some strategies for working with the complexity of inclusion as well as the challenges and the opportunities it presents.

Along with being the Accessibility Planner for the City of Vancouver, facilitator Karen Lai is an Inclusion and Accessibility Consultant through which she facilitates inclusion training for companies, educators, organizations, and other special interest groups.


Donations welcome

Outdoor Learning Prep Position: A Framework for your School

Facilitated by Megan Zeni, Laura Jackman and Bridget O’Malley. Hosted by CBEEN & EEPSA.

4:00-5:00 Pacific, Thurs, Feb 25

Join Megan Zeni, Laura Jackman and Bridget O’Malley as they share a framework for developing an Outdoor Classroom Prep Position at your school. They will cover key items such as how to get started, who the stakeholders are and where to find support.  They can also provide a long list of resources, key tools and suggestions for planning and scheduling.

The Outdoor Learning Store is pleased to provide a $50 Gift Certificate as a draw prize for all attendees!


Donations welcome

March Mix & Mingle!

Hosted by CBEEN

4:00-5:00 Pacific, Thurs, March 4

Join educators from across the Columbia basin and beyond in this informal virtual gathering.

We will break out into smaller groups, and give you a chance to chat with fellow educators with some fun conversation starters.

And, of course, there will be prizes!

Find members in your neck of the woods using our new member map:


EEPSA Local Chapter Virtual Spring Gathering

Hosted by CBEEN & EEPSA

4:00-5:30 Pacific, Thurs, April 29 

Come together with local chapters from across the province to learn, share and connect at this virtual spring gathering!

While not in the the usual spectacular setting of in the Rockies, we are excited to come together with you and plan for the future.

For more information on local chapters, and to find out how to be part of one, visit:


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