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On April 8 in Kimberley 34 educators took part in the Taking Literacy Outdoors! workshop hosted by Bonnie Davison of the Victoria Nature School.

Through our workshop bursary program, CBEEN supported Community Educator Patty Kolesnichenko, as well as CBEEN members from two EEPSA Local Chapters in hosting this: the Rocky Mountain Place-based Learning Network (Natasha Burgess) and the East Kootenay Environmental Educators (Kate Ruoss).

A lot of questions about risk analysis, risky play, and challenges in taking students outside were answered in this workshop. Bonnie also explained the importance of frequency, proximity, and spontaneity for outdoor experiences with children, which teachers really connected to. Educators were also taught a number of songs and story telling methods that are sure to engage all students!

From Participants: 

An inspiring workshop that reinforces the importance of taking kids outside which I love doing and see so much value in doing so. I will continue to take kids out and try to incorporate song!!

I enjoyed spending time with my colleagues from other schools, discussing ideas, problem solving issues and enjoying the sunshine when we were outside.

When we take students outside it is a rich learning experience where we a developing context on why we learn.

I will add boundary walks to my weekly outdoor classroom days. 

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