Awards of Excellence

CBEEN’s Awards of Excellence recognizes educators who demonstrate excellence in environmental education in the Canadian Columbia Basin.

2020 Award nominations close on at midnight on April 15

2019 Award Recipients

  • Ingrid Liepa (Kimberley) for her leadership in climate change education and action across communities in the Columbia Basin.
  • Joe Pierre (Cranbrook/Aqam) for his mentorship in connecting Indigenous knowledge and land-based learning with students and teachers across the learning region.
  • Melissa Flint (Creston) for supporting students in developing a deeper understanding of the connections between humans and the earth.
  • Kate Ruoss (Cranbrook) for building capacity for community support as a primary teacher and through the East Kootenay Environmental Educators Association (EKEEPSA).
  • Laurie Neeve (Kimberley) for consistently leading by example as an intermediate teacher and through the Rocky Mountain Place-based Learning Network.
  • Jenn Means (Kimberley) for her passion and willingness to share through her role as a secondary teacher as well as through the Rocky Mountain Place-based Learning Network.
  • Doris Hausleitner (Castlegar) for her passion and dedication to connecting post-secondary students with the knowledge, skills and connections to be successful in the environmental field.

2018 Award Recipients

Courtney Haeusler (Fernie), Dawn Deydey (Fernie), Janene Stein (Balfour), Joan Dolinsky (Golden), Katrina Sumrall (New Denver), Kristina Leidums (Creston), Laura Jackman (Rossland), Mardelle Sauerborn (Sparwood) and Sheena Stienstra (Castlegar). Full media release here:

2017 Award Recipients

Sandra Beckett
Linda Out
Janette Vickers
Patty Kolesnichenko
Mel Reasoner
Andrea Chapman

2016 Spring Award Recipients

Erika Momeyer
Marcy Mahr
Gillian Cooper
Jackie Morris
Laurie Frankcom

2016 Autumn Award Recipients

Leigh Cormier
Janet Kuijt
Natasha Burgess (also awarded National Award)
Susie MacDonald
Dave Quinn
Shanoon Bennett
Lee-Anne Walker

2015 Award Recipients

Juliet Craig
Ally Candy
BC Hydro
Monica Nissen (also awarded National Award)
Rocky Mountain School District #6

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