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Climate Change Education has been identified by CBEEN as an area that requires increased attention. As stated in our recent Inventory and Assessment of Community-based Environmental Education, “Currently, climate change is the biggest environmental threat in the Columbia Basin yet only 9% of inventoried (environmental) organizations are focusing on it.” Below is a summary of recommended Climate Change Education Resources. Please get in touch with us if you have any suggestions for resources or professional development opportunities that we can share with other members of CBEEN.

Recommended Climate Change Education Resources 

The comprehensive climate information and resource for the Columbia Basin Boundary Region

Funding and support for local and regional community-based projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change impacts such as fire, flood and drought.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the BCTF teamed up to create these free classroom-ready materials that help students engage with climate change.

A online database with teaching resources related to climate change and that are relevant to the BC K-12 curriculum.

Free online education programs about climate change that engage and empower students to create positive change.

Climate change adaptation lesson plans and infographics to inform and engage people in Canada on energy topics, to support them in making informed choices.

The North American Association for Environmental Education’s climate change education group including virtual conference sessions, blog posts and discussions.

The Canadian Sustainability Curriculum Review Initiative identifies what learning research indicates are suitable for children to address at various stages in their development.

A comprehensive collection of lesson plans, books, outdoor activities, and videos on climate change

A guidebook based on peer-reviewed research and practitioner best practices, which seeks to help answer the question “What is excellent climate change education?”

The Plan2Adapt tool generates maps, plots, and data describing projected future climate conditions for regions throughout British Columbia.

Wildsight gives kids the knowledge and experience of the natural world that they need to protect, conserve and cherish it.

Lessons in adaptation in the Columbia Basin that are positive and solutions based.

Combines climate science, mapping and storytelling to bring the global issue of climate change closer to home for Canadians.

CICSS develops climate change educational resources and programs for both adults and youth, including online courses and guidebooks.

Parachutes for the Planet is a youth inspired collective international art project illustrating concern for climate change.

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