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Wild Voices offers programs that bring curriculum-linked, place-based environmental education to classrooms, schoolyards, and the wilderness beyond!

Wild Voices programs provide:

Opportunities to take learning outside

Opportunities for place-based learning and experiential education

Opportunities for student engagement and empowerment

Through our online database, teachers from school districts across the Columbia Basin can choose from different educational experiences based on their grade level, subject, and learning goals.


Join CBEEN and book with your membership

Member benefits listed here.

Limited programs available at fully and heavily subsidized rates. Unlimited programs available at slightly and non-subsidized rates.

Membership has many benefits! Learn more here.

For the 2022-23 school year, each teacher with a current CBEEN membership is eligible for one fully subsidized, and two heavily subsidized Wild Voices programs.; limited number available on a first-come, first-serve basis.



Unlimited programs available at the slightly and non-subsidized rates.

Teachers may also book programs without a CBEEN membership at the slightly and non-subsidized rates by selecting “No Membership” from the dropdown menu.


Due to recent CBEEN program funding changes, CBEEN will now offer price options for Wild Voices for Kids programs. 

Please select the price option that suits your needs, knowing that some schools don’t have access to the financial resources that others do.

Where can I find funding for more Wild Voices programs?

We work hard to obtain funding to subsidize all of our programs.

However, if you don’t have access to funds to pay for this through your classroom budget and don’t want to charge parents,
we have some suggestions for funding opportunities below.

For technical support with booking, please refer to our Guide for Teachers
or contact our Wild Voices Program Manager at wildvoices@cbeen.org.

Please contact the Wild Voices Program Manager at wildvoices@cbeen.org.

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