Walking Curriculum 30-day Challenge

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This past month, Mrs. Burgess’ Grade One students at Marysville School took part in the Walking Curriculum 30-Day Challenge.  Starting April 3, K-12 educators around the world were dedicated to taking their classes outside, rain or shine (or snow!), for at least 30 minutes. Students helped with planning for our time outdoors, and our support staff got involved with generating ideas too! We did not venture far from the school this year, but students had frequent, regular exposure to nature. Teachers were encouraged to use The Walking Curriculum: Evoking Wonder and Developing A Sense of Place (K-12) as a resource and guide, and there are 5 free sample walks from this document available here: http://www.educationthatinspires.ca/walking-curriculum-imaginative-ecological-learning-activities/walking-curriculum/ .

We had success tying in our lessons about protecting and caring for the Earth. We did a few school yard and community clean ups, and did a lot of digging in the school garden. My students especially enjoyed creating pinecone gnomes with our Aboriginal Support Worker, and then working hard to create intricate homes for them in our incredible Wild Space. We plan to carry on bringing our learning outdoors on a regular basis for the remainder of the year!

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