We are pleased to announce our Environmental Education Endowment Fund!

For Environment. For Education. For Ever.

CBEEN's Environmental Education Endowment Fund

 Thanks to our founding donors!

Rick & Daphne Hammond
Denise Currie
Brian Olynek
Annette Boelman
Non-profit by Nature
Sanne van der Ros
Cheryl Lenardon
Sandra Beckett
Judi Poole
Sheena Stienstra

Deborah Griffith (in memory of Ida Cale)
Kim Urbaniuk
Katrina Sumrall
Thea Rodgers
Jackie Morris
Joan Dolinsky
Sonja Seher
Mardelle Sauerborn
Barb Carriere

Baiba Morrow
Robyn Hooper
Ingrid Liepa
Juliet Craig
Susie & Rob MacDonald
Glenda Newsted
Blair Robinson
Donna Deschenes
Duncan Whittick

 Those who contribute to the endowment fund by the end of 2018 will not only receive a charitable tax receipt, but also an invitation for a complementary outdoor excursion!

Help us match the $5000 from Donna & Blair! 

Blair Robinson and Donna Deschenes recently named the Columbia Valley Community Foundation in their wills and in turn were presented with a fabulous opportunity to help a local charity. For bequests made to the Columbia Valley Community Foundation, the Vancouver Foundation, who manages endowment funds for the Columbia Valley Community Foundation, donated funds for use locally. Through these funds, Blair and Donna decided to help Columbia Basin Environmental Educational Network (CBEEN) establish it’s new Environmental Education Endowment Fund. Now that the fund is up and running, they are challenging others to pitch in so that CBEEN can reach the $10,000 mark required to start receiving benefit from this fund on an annual basis in perpetuity.

“We believe outdoor learning benefits students in many ways. Whether it’s relieving stress and anxiety, improving academic performance or motivating teamwork. Best of all, outdoor learning gives children hands-on experience, helping them cultivate a lifelong love for the natural world around them.”

“Planting a seed for healthier and happier lives by choosing CBEEN as the recipient of this endowment gift has been a wonderful thing to be able to do. We love watching kids thrive in this beautiful valley. Supporting such an important cause—kids and the great outdoors—gave us a way of defining our place in the grand scheme of things.”

CBEEN's Environmental Education Endowment Fund

CBEEN understands that environmental education (EE) is a long-term investment in the general health and well-being of individuals, communities, ecosystems and the planet. Our goal in establishing the Environmental Education Endowment Fund is to allow us to support environmental education in perpetuity.

The Columbia Valley Community Foundation, which holds the Environmental Education Endowment Fund in trust for CBEEN, will invest the income to provide an annual return that we can count on forever.  All donors will receive a charitable tax receipt from the community foundation. Those who contribute to the endowment fund by the end of 2018 will be recognized on our website as a founding donor (should they wish) and will also be invited on a complementary outdoor excursion to say thanks!

In addition to cash donations the community foundation is able to discuss other giving options including gifts of securities or property and gifts through wills, RRSPs and life insurance policies. Please contact Laurie Klassen to find out more: 250-342-2845 / laurie@ValleyFoundation.ca.


CBEEN's Environmental Education Endowment Fund

Please note that your donation will go through the Columbia Valley Community Foundation which administers this fund on our behalf. 


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