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For Environment. For Education. For Ever.

Environmental Education is a long-term investment in the general health and well-being of individuals, communities, ecosystems and the planet. Our goal in establishing an Environmental Education Fund is to allow us to support environmental education in perpetuity.

Please contact Laurie Klassen at 250-688-0529 or

Planting a seed for healthier and happier lives by choosing CBEEN as the recipient of this endowment gift has been a wonderful thing to be able to do. We love watching kids thrive in this beautiful valley. Supporting such an important cause—kids and the great outdoors—gave us a way of defining our place in the grand scheme of things.”

– Founding donors Blair Robinson and Donna Deschenes

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We have a goal of $75,000 for 2022!

CBEEN's Environmental Education Endowment Fund

Thanks to our generous donors this past and previous years, we reached our 2021 goal of $50,000!

These donations contribute to environmental education in perpetuity.

Duncan Whittick

Stoked on Science Education

Rhiannon Tutty

Benevity and SunLife Financial

Juliet Craig

Michelle Heinz

Aspire Professional Corp.


Mia King

Stephanie Frioud

Sanne van der Ros

Jennifer Cliff-Marks

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