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Password Help

The CBEEN system generates complex passwords to safeguard the integrity and privacy of your data. Please copy your password and paste it somewhere safe.

Forgot your password?

You can reset your password using the Lost password? link on the login screen.

Want to reset your password?

Log in to the system. Go to the My Profile icon and scroll to the Password section.

Hit Generate Password to reveal the password field. Copy password and click the Update button at the bottom of your screen.

Want to set a particular password?

Hit Generate Password, delete the suggested password and type in your preferred complex password. Click the Update button to save changes.

How Does a Wild Voices Booking Work?

  1. Teacher sets a date when booking.
  2. Educator receives a message in the CBEEN System (a little yellow circle indicates notifications), as well as email to confirm the booking.
  3. Educator reviews the booking and agrees to the the date is available OR emails/messages/phones the teacher to revise the date.
  4. Teacher updates the booking time according to the date agreed upon.
  5. Educator accepts the booking.
  6. CBEEN Admin review the booking, assign appropriate costs and approve the booking.
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