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School District How Tos

Each week, you’ll receive an email outlining what bookings need to be approved and processed. Alternately you can always login and see what’s going on with your School District’s Wild Voices for Kids bookings.

Approve Bookings

You’ll see all Active Bookings as soon as you log in. If you click on the Pending Approval tab, you’ll note what bookings require your approval. Select the View button beside the booking and select Approve if you approve the booking.

To Manage Your Budget or to Allocate Payment

  • Once a booking has been approved, it’s time to allocate payment.
  • Select Booking Cost.
  • Select View.
  • Choose Party
  • If School District, select appropriate budget (SDX-Honorarium).
  • Select Pay with Budget.

Pay Honoraria

The CE is responsible for “claiming” or “waiving” the honorarium. When an honorarium is claimed, you’ll receive a notice that payment is pending.

  • Go to Bookings/Completed Bookings.
  • Select View on a particular booking where the Honoraria has been claimed.
  • Select Honoraria Invoice.
  • Print and attach to your Cheque Requisition.
  • Submit to Accounting (where a real cheque with actual CBEEN funds that have been allocated to the SD are distributed).
  • Go back to the Booking (soon there will be a button to enable this).

Track Expenses

  • View the Booking one more time.
  • Select Expense invoice.
  • Add Item, amount and description.
  • Update booking by clicking the blue Update button at the bottom of the page.
  • Issue invoice once you’re sure all expenses are in.
  • Action –  Select appropriate budget (SDX-Bussing)

What if I have to process bussing expenses for a non-WVFK program?

CBEEN covers the cost of a few external environmental education programs. Currently CBEEN admin needs to help you with bussing only invoices but stay tuned for an updated how to in the new year.

Teacher Evaluations

Your weekly digest email will let you know what evaluations have been done and what presentations still need to be evaluated. You can view all evaluations under WVFK Bookings/Evaluations.


You can keep an eye on your WVFK funds through WVFK Bookings/My Budget. View the budget to see “withdrawals” for honoraria and expenses.

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