The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations for Participatory Leadership

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CBEEN recently support Jayme Jones from Castlegar in attending the the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations for Participatory Leadership.

“This course was a profound experience. The main take away was the power of preparing and hosting a safe and inclusive environment to allow participants to open up and test creative and innovative ideas. We learned multiple facilitation techniques to help address complex issues. We gained experience in how to set up a room to make the meeting function to its fullest. We also learned innovative skills on how to deal with and manage conflict, how to use graphic facilitation and recording, and how to actively listen.”

“I will use this practice anytime I facilitate groups. There is an opportunity to bring this training to the Kootenay region to share this amazing art with others who facilitate frequently. I would be happy to host this training if there is sufficient interest.”

Please contact Jayme if you have any questions or would like more information on this opportunity.

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