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susieSusie MacDonald has had a long and varied career in environmental and youth education as an informal educator.  Over the past 26 years since moving to Canada she has volunteered as a Girl Guide leader and a Young Naturalist Club leader.  Professionally she has presented nature programs in classrooms and on field trips as well as supporting teachers to find their “nature groove” through workshops as a WildBC Facilitator.

 In 2008 she moved from Prince George to the Kootenays where she took the role of CBEEN’s Wild Voices for Kids Program Coordinator – a program which she adopted from Parks Canada and expanded from one corner of one school district to the entire Columbia Basin region! Since she took the helm she has helped to bring over 2000 environmental education programs to tens of thousands of students.

In 2016 Susie was presented with CBEEN’s Award of Environmental Education Excellence Award for her dedication to environmental education.


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