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erikaOnce a park naturalist, with a formal education background in Natural Resources Conservation, 15 years ago Erika headed indoors and began a career as an Elementary Teacher. She is now a classroom teacher with Arrow Lakes School District 10 in Edgewood, and is pursuing her Masters in Curriculum Studies specializing in Places Conscious Learning and Practitioner Inquiry.

Erika realizes that learning is much more valuable when it occurs away from a desk and outside of a walled classroom. As a result, she began the very popular ‘Walking Wednesday’ program. This program continues to emphasize the importance of finding ways for students to learn about their surroundings and ways they can positively contribute to the environment.

Erika is also on the Board of Directors for CBEEN, and on the Environmental Education Leadership Team for School District 10. In 2016 she was the recipient of CBEEN’s Award of Environmental Education Excellence.

We invite you to enjoy the following two videos which feature Erika’s work.

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