Kokanee Creek Nature Centre

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Water Ecosystems/Wildlife

Perfect for: K-12 Students, Children, Adults, Families.

To encourage a love of nature and educate about West Kootenay ecosystems and the value of environmental preservation.

Regional Districts:RDCK
School Districts:SD8
Activities:Field Studies, Presentations, Nature Appreciation, Outdoor/Learning Centres, Resources

Sensing Your Forest:  K-3
  Draw and record sights, hearing, smelling and feelings while sitting and listening outside. You are a deer, squirrel, cougar, raccoon or bird. How does your animal experience the forest? Share. Ga  More Info

Simple Habitat Map of Your Forest:  4-6
  Map in four groups on grid paper habitat a deer, or a red squirrel, or a raccoon or a robin will find in your forest. Map with symbols and share. Game while outside.  More Info

Predator Prey Fun :  K-6
  o Identify and talk about how eyes, teeth, bone structure and ears are adapted to being a predator or a prey animal  More Info

Build Your Own Invasive Species:  4-6
  o Help build an invasive species – give some parameters, 4 groups and then discuss  More Info

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