Columbia Lake Stewardship Society (CLSS)

K-12 Students Youth Adults Families
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Water Ecosystems/Wildlife

Perfect for: K-12 Students, Youth, Adults, Families.

The Columbia Lake Stewardship Society (CLSS) mission is to act as stewards in preserving the ecological health of Columbia Lake. Our vision is that by conducting water quality measurements, recording data, and circulating information and reports, we will engage others in our mission to preserve Columbia Lake’s pristine water and natural environment.

Regional Districts:RDEK
School Districts:SD6
Activities:Field Studies, Presentations, Citizen Science, Stewardship/Sustainability Projects

Columbia Lake Watershed Education Tour: 
  Learn about the hydrological cycle, stewardship of the watershed and various water users and their impact on the watershed.  More Info

Columbia Lake Tours: 
  Learn about respecting sensitive shorelines, waterfowl and plants.  More Info

Canal Flats Displays at boar launch: 
  Reinforce clean,drain,dry, discuss sensitive shorelines and speed limits in WMA  More Info

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