Wildsight – Kimberley Cranbrook Branch

K-12 Students Children Youth Adults Families
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Climate Change Food Sustainable Living Water Ecosystems/Wildlife

Perfect for: K-12 Students, Children, Youth, Adults, Families.

The Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook Branch empowers environmentally responsible citizenry and supports conscious local economy. It provides consistent and ongoing leadership by engaging and listening to the concerns of the community, then responding with care, insight and innovation.

Regional Districts:RDEK
School Districts:SD5, SD6
Activities:Field Studies, Events, Outdoor/Learning Centres, Resources, Stewardship/Sustainability Projects, Workshops/Training

Apple Capture: 
  Apple Harvesting and Preservation Activities  More Info

McGinty Lake: 
  Educational Field Studies/Outdoor Learning Space  More Info

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