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JackieJackie Morris is an active CBEEN member who joined CBEEN’s Board of Directors in 2015.
She retired from 15 years in the position of Executive Director for the regional group Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology, prior to which she held a variety of positions including being a teacher-on-call in 3 school districts, curriculum development for grades 5-7, and 15 years as a Park Naturalist for Parks Canada in 4 different national parks. She is a long-time Director of Revelstoke Bear Aware and is a member of the Environmental Advisory Committee with the Columbia Basin Trust.
Jackie has had a lifetime interest in natural history and the environment, and she enjoys working with others that have the same values. Through CBEEN, she hopes to encourage her regional neighbours to learn about, and have respect for, our natural surroundings, and encourage them to take the next step of becoming stewards of our natural world.
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