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a_man_standing_outside_in_a_jacket_and_tuqueFeature member Dave Quinn read way too many James Herriot books when he was a lad, and always wanted to be a veterinarian. Once into the University system, however, he found that there were way too many interesting things going on in the world to spend the required 6-8 years studying just one thing.

A love of animals and wild spaces lead him to a life as a wildlife biologist. He has been blessed with the chance to study endangered mountain caribou and badgers, as well as threatened lynx, wolverine, fisher, and grizzlies right here in the Kootenays, as well as a number of other endangered and threatened species father afield.

A love of big wilderness led him to mix his wildlife passions with a guiding career that saw him leading sea kayak and hiking expeditions across the Canadian High Arctic and Greenland, as well as our West Coast and Patagonia.

Finally, a love of the Kootenays and a true belief that the future of wildlife and wilderness is surely in the hands of future generations led him to engage in outdoor and environmental education in as many forms as he can find time for.

For nearly 20 years Dave has designed and delivered experiential education programs for Avalanche Canada, the Calgary Zoo, Mainstreams Environmental, Wildsight, and is an active educator for CBEEN’s Wild Voices for Kids program. One of his goals is to visit every school in the Columbia Basin, and he is getting close!

Dave has been a long-time member, supporter, and advocate for CBEEN since the organization’s early days.

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