Inspiration, Sharing, and Collaborating for Place-based and Environmental Learning

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On October 25, CBEEN partnered with the Kootenay Lake Local Chapter of EEPSA to host a workshop entitled ‘Inspiration, Sharing, and Collaborating for Place-based and Environmental Learning’.

43 educators took part, learning from each other by sharing things that they have had success with, such as lessons, resources and ways to manage behavior while teaching students outdoors. Each educator left with some specific ways they can engage students with environmental education, as well as some tips on how to best do that.

Teachers and educators also had the opportunity to ask for something specific they hoped to learn, such as ways to use drama to teach students about climate change. These questions were discussed in detail in the break-out sessions, so that each educator was able to have their questions answered by other participants. Also, because this professional development was set up intentionally for educators to learn from each other, we hope that this networking and support will continue.

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