Coyote Mentoring – Akisqnuk First Nation

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On September 28, CBEEN partnered with the Eva Joseph Learning and Cultural Society to host the Coyote Mentoring Workshop at the Akisqnuk First Nation’s Lakeshore Campground.

The Coyote Mentoring Workshop provided participants with a powerful nature-based educational model that fosters a deep connection with the natural world. Focusing on play, story telling and nature crafts, the workshop is an amazing way of getting both children and adults to learn, without knowing it.

One participant commented that “This workshop was probably the best outdoor education PD I have ever attended. I came away with new games to play with my students and also the reassurance that what I am doing with my kids is working.”

Workshop host, Carrie Rickards, reflected that “This workshop opened the minds of many of these educators to how they can take kids outside and play and teach them. I think there is still the Nature Afraid when you have a large group of children. This gives them the tools and the confidence to do this. Without CBEEN we would not have been able to offer this workshop. With CBEEN’s support we were able to get participants that we would not normally be able to reach out to.”


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