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From Here and Away: Exploring the differences between native and invasive species in BC’s wetlands and beyond was presented as a part of Wild Voices Online on May 27, 2020.

Here are the resources and activities that the presenter shared during the presentation for you to check out and explore!

Resources to learn more….
American Bullfrog Profile:

Bullfrog Factsheet:

Invader Alert: Invasive bullfrog vs BC’s Native Frogs ID Key:

Frogs and Toads of BC: Calls & Facts:

Yellow Flag Iris Profile:

Outdoor Activities:
Become a Frogwatcher!:

BC Frogwatch Program: Observation Data Forms:

Animal Observation Journal:

Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt:

Weedy Scavenger Hunt:

Create a Invasive Plant Field Guide:

How you can report invasive species:

If YOU see or hear a bullfrog report it!
 Phone: 1-250-354-6333
 Fax: 1-250-354-6332
 Email:

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