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We work hard to get funding to subsidize all of our programs to keep them to an average of $10 a student per program.

However, if you don’t have access to funds to pay for this through your classroom budget and don’t want to charge parents, here are five suggestions for additional ways of finding funding:

  1. Your School or School District (many School Districts have access to additional funding for busing)
  2. Your Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
  3. WildBC GO Grants: https://hctfeducation.ca/go-grants/ (deadline Sept 15 & Feb 15)
  4. Local Service Clubs: Clubs such as Rotary, Kinsmen and Lions may be able to provide support.
  5. Run an eco-friendly class or school fundraiser! There are a few good ideas online here:

We also offer a comprehensive grants directory online here: https://cbeen.org/funding.

If you are unable to secure funds through any of these avenues please get in touch with us for additional support at wildvoices@cbeen.org.

Please contact Rebecca at wildvoices@cbeen.org.

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