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CBEEN would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new Wild Voices Program Manager, Rebecca Bergshoeff!








The words of poet Mary Oliver – “My work is loving the world” – are reflective of how Rebecca seeks to approach the world. Sometimes, she soaks in the slowness of sitting and observing the wild spaces around her. Other times, she delights in play and adventure! She continually seeks to expand her own understanding of the earth, and is passionate about including others in this process.

Rebecca moved to the Columbia Basin from Newfoundland, where she worked as the program manager for a youth program, and as an outdoor recreation instructor. Previously, Rebecca spent time in BC completing her Masters in Visual Arts and mountain guiding. She is delighted to return to her home province to work with CBEEN, and is excited for how she can contribute to the Wild Voices for Kids program through her diverse experiences and passions.


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