Remy Rodden makes debut in the Columbia Basin!

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Highly acclaimed musician and songwriter, Remy Rodden, made his debut in the Columbia Basin this week! Remy is from the Yukon, and is Canada’s premier environmental education musician. He is the winner of the 2010 CBC Radio Playlist for the Planet Song Competition, and his song ‘What’s that Habitat’ was part of the UN compilation of songs celebrating the Earth Charter.

Marysville Elementary School and Lindsay Park Elementary School enjoyed the first performance, followed by performances at Eileen Madson Primary School and Windermere Elementary School. Students thought his songs were very entertaining, and really enjoyed the opportunity to actively participate throughout the performance. Students learned so much about animal needs and their life cycles, as well as ways to help take care of our planet. Students especially loved the songs, “The Caribou Song”, “What’s That, Habitat”, and “Garbage”. They will surely be singing Remy’s songs long after! School staff members absolutely loved his song, “Three Simple Rules”, which focuses on respecting life, taking only what you need, and using everything that you take. After the performance, Remy even gave away “Think About the Planet” cd’s for each school to enjoy! Many teachers commented that this was the best performance they have had all year.

We are looking forward to having Remy back in the Basin at some point in the not-too-distant future to play for more schools in the region. If your school or school district is interested in this, please contact Remy at

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