Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous Medicines

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Perfect for: Children, Youth, Adults, Families.

At the Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous medicines we are dedicated to offering teachings and services that enhance all people’s connection to nature, their creators and each other. We want the world to be beautiful, vibrant and healthy for many generations to come, and we want to co-create that beautiful world with you! We believe that to achieve that goal we have to share the deeply wise teachings that our ancestors acquired and bridge them with the incredible technologies and innovation that our modern world has to offer.

We offer programs that educate children, youth and adults in earth honouring traditional indigenous teachings from the four nations of humanity. From fun and creative child and youth programs to deeply trans-formative adult education and personal healing we offer our gifts to you all.

Regional Districts:RDCK, RDKB
School Districts:SD8, SD10, SD20, SD51
Activities:Field Studies, Presentations, Citizen Science, Events, Nature Appreciation, Outdoor/Learning Centres, Resources, Stewardship/Sustainability Projects, Workshops/Training
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