Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society (CKISS)

K-12 Students Children Youth Adults Families
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Sustainable Living Water Ecosystems/Wildlife

Perfect for: K-12 Students, Children, Youth, Adults, Families.

Our Mission
To protect ecosystems and communities by preventing and reducing the harmful impacts of invasive species.

Regional Districts:RDCK, RDKB
School Districts:SD8, SD10, SD20
Activities:Field Studies, Presentations, Citizen Science, Events, Resources, Stewardship/Sustainability Projects, Workshops/Training

Youth Pulling Together Events: 
  During a Youth Pulling Together event, a group of youth volunteers uses hand tools to remove an invasive plant infestation in their community. Participants receive hands-on learning experiences on the impacts invasive plants can have on ecosystems and economies. In addition, they learn about plant ecology, proper removal and disposal techniques. These events are highly regarded and a fun way to develop environmental ambassadors.  More Info

Plant ID Workshop: 
  Students learn to identify key invasive plants in their community, new species to be on the look out for and some native species as well. They will learn the impacts and prevention strategies of invasive plants.  More Info

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