EEE Fund 2018


As a result of the support of the following donors, we have reached our goal of $10,000 to help launch this new fund. This will trigger annual contributions to environmental education in perpetuity.

  • Erika Momeyer
  • Mandi McRobbie (in honour of Dylan Dainard)
  • Rick & Daphne Hammond
  • Denise Currie
  • Brian Olynek
  • Annette Boelman
  • Judie Raymond (in memory of RG Raymond)
  • Sanne van der Ros
  • Cheryl Lenardon
  • Sandra Beckett
  • Judi Poole
  • Non-profit by Nature
  • Sheena Stienstra
  • Katrina Kellner
  • Andrea Erwin (in memory of Keith Erwin)
  • Deborah Griffith (in memory of Ida Cale)
  • Kim Urbaniuk
  • Katrina Sumrall
  • Thea Rodgers
  • Jackie Morris
  • Joan Dolinsky
  • Sonja Seher
  • Mardelle Sauerborn
  • Barb Carriere
  • John Manuel
  • Clear Sky Retreat Center
  • John Hague (in memory of Stewart Hague)
  • Baiba Morrow
  • Robyn Hooper
  • Ingrid Liepa
  • Juliet Craig
  • Susie & Rob MacDonald (in memory of Ida Cale)
  • Glenda Newsted
  • Blair Robinson
  • Donna Deschenes
  • Leanne Reitan
  • Kootenay Permaculture Institute
  • Vancouver Foundation
  • Duncan Whittick
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