Darcee O’Hearn: Member Feature

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As a forester, Darcee O’Hearn watched the forest come alive before her eyes, inspiring her to help others find their connection with trees through storytelling.  Darcee is the award winning author of the “Legends of the Forest” series, including “Leonard the Larch”, “Cedric the Cedar” and the soon-to-be-released “Wendy the Whitebark Pine”.  In her books Darcee celebrates the personality of trees, and their individual offerings to the forest ecosystem.

In her Wild Voices for Kids program (also “Legends of the Forest”), Darcee teaches students how to identify trees, plants, and insects that grow and live in our backyards.  Students get to know the woods by taking time to stop, listen, taste, and notice things as small as a tiny mushroom all the way up to a tall Grand Fir tree.  With Darcee, classes discuss the importance of balance in harvesting, fire management, pest management, and conservation in maintaining healthy forests.


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