Heather Keczan attends Permaculture Teacher Training for Women

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CBEEN recently supported Heather Keczan in attending the Permaculture Teacher Training for Women in Sepastopol, California.

This course helped her to understand how to use Permaculture Design skills and language to develop courses, curriculum and content. It also re-invigorated her passion for intensive learning in supportive groups.  She will use Permaculture design principles to guide how she creates course and curriculum for her learners going forward.

Heather observed experienced Permaculture teachers demonstrating their best tricks and techniques for to utilize group processing and individual reflection as tools for deeper engagement with content. She saw first hand how to facilitate a group of experienced educators and help them get to their next level of inspiration for their work. She also learned about the concept of “Sankofa”, an important symbol that means “go back and get it”, which can help learners use what they already know about themselves or their environment to help further future understanding.

Heather recommends that CBEEN members check out the following resources:

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