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Teachers who are current CBEEN members may access one complimentary program (with up to $250 in bussing cost reimbursement) for their classroom in the school year. Up to 200 complimentary programs are available for the 2021-2022 school year to teachers across the Basin on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We ask that teachers ensure that a program does not violate their school and/or district policies before booking.  It is the responsibility of the teacher to confirm program suitability and communicate needs and questions to the Community Educator.

As with the previous school year, we have a COVID-19 policy in place for the 2021-2022 school year.  Teachers booking programs are expected to read this plan in advance of their program to understand our policies and practices around offering programs this year. 

Questions about the policy may be directed to the Wild Voices Program Manager at wildvoices@cbeen.org



Bookable Booked 83 time(s)

Turtle Truths

Bookable Type(s) Outdoors (approx 1 hr)
Duration1 Hour
LocationKikomun Creek Provincial Park, near Jaffray
Contact This Presenteraylabennett3@gmail.com

About the Program
Students will learn about the Western Painted Turtle on a walk around one of Kikomun Creek Provincial Park’s smaller lakes, Hidden Lake. During May and June there are often painted turtles basking on logs and along the shore. This walk has several stops which include engaging, interactive demonstrations and activities to teach students about this fascinating species. The students will discover the history of turtles, learn about their traits and behaviours and what we can do help to protect this blue-listed turtles. The Turtle Truths program is between 1 and 1.5 hours in duration.

About the Community Educator
Ayla Bennett is an environmental educator who lives with her family in beautiful Fernie, BC and delivers educational programs throughout the Elk Valley.

Ayla Bennett

Organization/School: self-employed

Title: Environmental Educator

Address: Fernie, BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife, Water
Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD5


See 32 testimonials.
"Ayla is fabulous. I feel she has a better presentation style than I do - and I have taught for over twenty years! She is calm, knowledgeable and professional." - Carolyne Zimich
"Ayla engaged the students very well and her calm demeanor kept them very calm. She did a great job of making the learning fun and very visual." - Karen Bedell
"Ayla has incredible skills in managing groups of students outdoors. She weaves together information in a way that engages and enthralled our students. Thank you!" - dawn deydey
"Ayla is a knowledgeable presenter and did a great job keeping the students engaged." - Elaine Swail
"Ayla did a great job of keeping the kids engaged and had excellent skills on refocusing kids who needed it. She was very knowledgable and make it fun!" - Anick Poulin
"She was absolutely fantastic!" - Michelle Lesage
"Ayla was excellent and did a fantastic job engaging the children." - Deleen Adams
"She was knowledgable and helpful. Able to answer all questions presented to her. " - Nicolle Sutherland
"Ayla was extremely knowledgable about turtles in the area and did an excellent job at engaging students and making her presentation fun for children at the grade 1 level!" - Anonymous
"I heard it was a a great program presented" - Tanya Kerkhoven
"Ayla is a great with children. We enjoyed her knowledge and calm ways to talk to kids. She sets clear expectations ahead of time and the kids are always enjoying her." - Michelle Lesage
"She was great. " - Carrie Heyde
"Ayla engages her students with her passion for turtles. She is extremely knowledgeable; her presentation is absolutley amazing. My students and I left with a wealth of knowledge about the Western Painted Turtle and an appreciation for nature." - Joanna Popoff
"Ayla was awesome, engaging and respectful of the variety of personalities that are present in my class. I really enjoyed her as a facilitator and would request her again and recommend her to others." - Paula Chardonnens
"Ayla is such a great presenter, even with young Kindergarten children. She has such gentle appropriate ways to gain their attention and keep them engaged. She is so positive and accepting of all the "Kindergarten" answers that sometimes aren't related to the question. Ayla is passionate about turtles and shares that passion with the kids in very engaging ways. " - Pamela Franklin-Cooper
"Ayla does a wonderful job! She contacted us before to set up a plan for the day and her presentation is awesome!" - Laura Grant
"Ayla Bennett is fabulous! She has a very gentle, respecful and firm manner of teaching. My normally loud, actice and chatty class listened quietly to everything she said. She is a dynamic presentor who had a perfect balance of activitive participation and quiet listening time. This is one of the best fieldtrips that I have ever attended and that's a huge compliment after 37 years of teaching." - Kayla Smaldon
"Thank you for a fantastic day! Our students were very inspired. They created awesome journal entries, great artworks of the painted turtle and still talk about the trip. I took my family for a walk to hidden lake as well. Thank you for sharing so much great info with our students. I shared with my own children-they were also in love with the painted turtles story. Thank you!!" - Kelly Henderson
"Great pacing during the presentation. Facts were given, time to observe, and walking around the lake to look for turtles in their natural habitat." - Anick Poulin
"Always!" - Carrie Heyde
"Ayla is passionate about her subject material. She provides visuals to support her teaching. Due to COVID, the parents got to dress as the turtle as she explained temperature changes and how it affects turtles vs a human. Ayla uses a calming voice and always speaks positively to the children. She asks questions that provoke thinking. "why do you think?" "What changes...?" Her explanations are simple enough for the children to understand while at the same time, adults walk away feeling like they have also been educated. Booking this presentation through Ayla is easy. She responds immediately and is helpful." - Joanna Popoff
"Ayla is an amazing Wild Voices Educator. She has a gift with children and makes the learning fun. Ayla has an interactive presentation with lots of interesting visuals. She adjusted the material appropriately for our grade level. It obvious that she is passionate about turtles and wants to teach others how to save them. My class thoroughly enjoys the Turtle Truth tour." - Kayla Smaldon
"Ayla knows her stuff. Speaks to the class in a way that makes everything more fun and interesting. Peaks their curiosity. Excellent kind management with students who needed direction." - Anick Poulin
"Ayla was super engaging, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. It has been wonderful to see her confidence and approach grow with students over the years (we have had her as our educator many times before). She has always been wonderful, but this was an exceptionally good presentation and it was very special for the students." - Tanya Kerkhoven
"Was an excellent job, personable with the students and knowledgeable." - Paula Chardonnens
"Was an excellent job, personable with the students and knowledgeable." - Paula Chardonnens
"I would recommend this field trip! Excellent time." - Lenore Emsland
"Excellent!!! 🙂 She even spoke French!! :)" - Ashley Filipe
"Excellent!!! 🙂 She even spoke French!! :)" - Ashley Filipe
"Thank you Aeyla for a fantastic presentation - very memorable experience!! Have a great summer!" - Kelly Henderson
"Great program! " - Danielle Rousseau
"Great program! " - Danielle Rousseau

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