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Turtle Truths

Bookable Type(s) Outdoors (approx 1 hr)
Duration1 Hour
LocationKikomun Creek Provincial Park, near Jaffray
Contact This Presenteraylabennett3@gmail.com

About the Program
Students will learn about the Western Painted Turtle on a walk around one of Kikomun Creek Provincial Park’s smaller lakes, Hidden Lake. During May and June there are often painted turtles basking on logs and along the shore. This walk has several stops which include engaging, interactive demonstrations and activities to teach students about this fascinating species. The students will discover the history of turtles, learn about their traits and behaviours and what we can do help to protect this blue-listed turtles. The Turtle Truths program is between 1 and 1.5 hours in duration.

About the Community Educator
Ayla Bennett is an environmental educator who lives with her family in beautiful Fernie, BC and delivers educational programs throughout the Elk Valley.

Ayla Bennett

Organization: self-employed

Title: Environmental Educator

Address: Fernie, BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife, Water
Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD5


See 13 testimonials.
"Ayla is fabulous. I feel she has a better presentation style than I do - and I have taught for over twenty years! She is calm, knowledgeable and professional." - Carolyne Zimich
"Ayla engaged the students very well and her calm demeanor kept them very calm. She did a great job of making the learning fun and very visual." - Karen Bedell
"Ayla has incredible skills in managing groups of students outdoors. She weaves together information in a way that engages and enthralled our students. Thank you!" - dawn deydey
"Ayla is a knowledgeable presenter and did a great job keeping the students engaged." - Elaine Swail
"Ayla did a great job of keeping the kids engaged and had excellent skills on refocusing kids who needed it. She was very knowledgable and make it fun!" - Anick Poulin
"She was absolutely fantastic!" - Michelle Lesage
"Ayla was excellent and did a fantastic job engaging the children." - Deleen Adams
"She was knowledgable and helpful. Able to answer all questions presented to her. " - Nicolle Sutherland
"Ayla was extremely knowledgable about turtles in the area and did an excellent job at engaging students and making her presentation fun for children at the grade 1 level!" - Susan Potter
"I heard it was a a great program presented" - Tanya Kerkhoven
"I found that the presenter wasn't very aware or accommodating of the special needs with the class. She became frustrated a few times and actually ended up escalating the behavior situations instead of letting the teacher or aids or parents address the needs as they saw fit. She was short a few times with students and seemed to forget how young they were. " - Tanya Kerkhoven
"Ayla is a great with children. We enjoyed her knowledge and calm ways to talk to kids. She sets clear expectations ahead of time and the kids are always enjoying her." - Michelle Lesage
"She was great. " - Carrie Heyde

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