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Winter Safety and Survival Skills

Bookable Type(s) Half Day Field Study Full Day Field Study
Duration5 Hours
Locationnearby greenspace or park
Contact This Presentershanoonoftheforest@gmail.com / 250-226-6757

About the Program
Learn how to make snow caves and flint fires and be prepared for our wintery world. Join Shanoon on a snowshoe adventure to learn how to survive in the winter, through finding what to eat, how to keep warm and how to build different snow shelters.

About the Community Educator
Shannon Bennett has a BSc in Earth Sciences and has been working in environmental education since the early 80's as a Park Naturalist in Alberta and BC Parks. She loves to inspire, engage, connect, and motivate students to discover and explore their wild local bioregions, to develop curiosity, knowledge, awareness and appreciation of where they live.

Shanoon Bennett

Organization/School: Wild Voices for Kids, Wildsight, Slocan River Streamkeepers

Title: Environmental Educator

Address: Winlaw, BC

Tags:Outdoor Skills, Sustainable Living
Grade Levels:High (10-12), Middle (7-9), Intermediate (4-6), Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD20, SD10, SD8


See 34 testimonials.
" Shanoon is so knowledgeable about our natural world and is willing, on a dime, to share her knowledge with all those around her." - Eli Geddis
"Shanoon has a genuine love for the wilderness that she shares with students." - Jill Gingrich
"The kids really enjoyed the hands on activities. They could have dug in the snow for hours to create the most elaborate snow shelter ever. The look in their eyes when they were able to light a fire without matches was priceless. The entire time we were learning how to survive in the wilderness the students were engaged. " - Ashlea Lutz-Miller
"Shanoon is a great outdoor educator. She has a wealth of local knowledge and is very engaging. " - Cole Auringer
"Great job as always Shanoon!" - Cole Auringer
"Great" - Cole Auringer
"Great job Shanoon." - Cole Auringer
"Shanoon is awesome! She has a wealth of knowledge, she works well with students, and she is always well-prepared. I have worked with her for the past 6 years, and hope to continue!" - Keri Russell
"Thank you so much, Shanoon, for giving the kids a lifetime memory!" - Sheena Stienstra
"Shanoon is very knowledgeable and a guiding force in local ecological knowledge." - Jesse Halton
"I love how Shanoon is so knowledgable on this topic. She knows her native species, has games ready to play, has the materials to build snow shelters. The kids really like her teaching, enthusiasm and activities. " - Ashlea Lutz-Miller
"Shanoon is so engaging and knowledgeable the students really love hearing her speak. She is also friendly and kind." - Sheena Stienstra
"Shanoon is consistently high energy and motivating for the whole group. She encourages everyone and supports individual students. Her knowledge inspires the students to appreciate where we live." - Linda Out
"Shanoon was great once again. This is my favorite presentation. " - Cole Auringer
"Shanoon knows her stuff (as we all know!). But her interactions with the students and the positive manner in which she supports them at their individual level is impressive. I have worked with Shanoon many times and I have complete trust in her abilities to connect with students." - Jeff Yasinchuk
"Shanoon knows her stuff (as we all know!). But her interactions with the students and the positive manner in which she supports them at their individual level is impressive. I have worked with Shanoon many times and I have complete trust in her abilities to connect with students." - Jeff Yasinchuk
"I thought Shanoon did a great job in engaging the students' interest and sustaining it all day. She taught them a variety of interesting things about their local place. She also brought a lot of gear such as the snowshoes which helped create a feeling of excitement for the students. " - Megan
"Shanoon quickly makes a strong connection with the students. She immediately captures their interest with her presentation and maintains their interest through the day with the selected learning activities." - Lawrence Redfern
"Shanoon kept the students busy with hands-on activities and was very approachable. She had a vast amount of knowledge about indigenous plants and animals, and local history. " - Ida Koric
"Shanoon is great at capturing the students attention by pointing out things in nature that they could use to survive -overnight if need be. She keeps the group moving for momentum and then stops to regroup and inform them of how animals survive in the snow and then sets the students to task to build shelters -so great!" - Linda Out
"I love how Shanoon is so knowledgable, calm, and interacts well with the kids. She is engaging and has many hands on activities for the kids to work on." - Ashlea Lutz-Miller
"Shanoon is a dynamic and passionate outdoor educator. She commands the attention of students and holds it throughout the experience. She quickly related to all students and knew all of their names early in the trip. Shanoon was well prepared to respond to the student's enthusiasm and visibly enjoyed sharing her knowledge with young people." - Matt Gale
"Shanoon is amazing! I always enjoy her presentations and she adjusts and adapts to our needs." - Keri Russell
"Shanoon is fantastic. She is very knowledgable and such a great person. The kids love her style and are so impressed by her knowledge. Thank you." - Mike Page
"Shanoon is super positive and very knowledgeable about winter ecology, indigenous knowlege and survival skills. I highly recommend this program." - Stephanie Frioud
"Shanoon is incredibly knowledgeable, a skilled facilitator and did an amazing job hosting us outdoors." - Heather vardy
"Shanoon continually delivers an energetic and dynamic program. She quickly learns all student names, responds to their needs, and impart a wealth of knowledge that is sure to reach each learner." - Matt Gale
"I enjoy how Shanoon knows her information. The kids really love building the snow shelters and especially trying their hands at lighting a fire with flint and bullrushes. I would recommend this field trip to anyone for the practical hands on applications." - Ashlea Lutz-Miller
"Shanoon was very knowledgeable. She was great with the students." - Kendra Uniat
"Shanoon is a wealth of information. She does a great job weaving her diverse knowledge of Indigenous cultures, wildlife biology, ethnobotany, and outdoor skills into her presentations." - Ami Starzner
"Shanoon was fabulous. She has so much knowledge on the local fauna that I felt bad not having the opportunity to share more of it with my students. In the future it would nice to build a unit around the presentation where I would front load it and we could use what we learned from the presentation to spring board a project. This would involve more communication before hand with the instructor." - Adam King
"This was a great day of learning on the outdoors." - Christy Metzler
"Shanoon was great! She was extremely knowledgeable and great with the students. A lot of my students were hesitant to go on this trip (especially with the snowshoeing portion) and did not want to participate. After completing it, those students told me how much fun they had. I would highly recommend it." - Alyssa Mynott
"Shannon was amazing! I had a few students from the previous year who looked forward to this trip. She made sure to regularly stop for breaks and even my reluctant snowshoers were able to participate. She was extremely knowledgable and prepared. She had extra supplies that she was able to loan out to my less prepared students." - Alyssa Mynott

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