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Wild Voices programs are cancelled for April 2020 through June 2020 due to full and partial school closures in BC.  In the coming months we will be planning ways for the Wild Voices program to restart in September 2020, including new options for online learning with our Wild Voices programs as a new bookable option for our Wild Voices programming.

For online learning in May and June 2020 we encourage you to check out the Wild Voices Online presentation series!  More information and registration can be found at cbeen.ca/wild-voices-online.


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All About Bats: Kimberley/Cranbrook

Bookable Type(s) In Class (approx 1 hr)
Duration1 Hour
Contact This Presenterwolfsong1@shaw.ca / 250-427-2608

About the Program
Did you know that bats can eat their body weight in insects in a night? Or that some residents of the Columbia Basin have rare bat species living in their garden shed?

During this program, you'll find out more about the amazing world of bats including their biology, ecology and myths. Students get a virtual tour of bats from around the world, eavesdrop on the echolocation calls of bats, touch and feel bat research equipment.

Post-program activities can be left with the instructor. Students will learn more about how to participate in bat counts or build a bat house.

About the Community Educator
Patty Kolesnichenko has worked for over 20 years teaching Outdoor Education at the Boyne River Natural Science School, the Nor West Outdoor Centre in Ontario and St Patrick High school's Outdoor Program in Yellowknife. Patty has also run her own adventure tourism and education business "Wolfsong Adventures" in the Northwest Territories. Patty is in her element when teaching outdoor education and enjoys helping young people find meaningful connections to their natural environment.

Organization: Outdoor Educator

Title: Outdoor Environmental Educator

Address: Kimberley, BC

Curriculum Links:
Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife
Seasons:Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Intermediate (4-6), Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD6, SD5


See 24 testimonials.
"I have already recommended Patty to many other teachers in the district. Patty has excellent classroom management skills which I really appreciate - especially this year with a high needs class. Patty is always SO KNOWLEDGEABLE and presentations are always very exciting. She is a gem!" - Sheryl Smith
"A fantastic program delivered by Patty. " - Kate Ruoss
"Batty Patty has excellent hands on specimens and activities that the children enjoyed. " - Sandy McArthur
"Patty you always do a great job and I hope to book you again in the fall. The children always are very engaged. " - Joanne Weatherall
"She was fantastic and changed her presentation for my wiggling all boys class to meet their needs. " - Angela Johnson
"Great program!!" - Carolyn Cross
"I thought the presentation was fantastic. " - Angela Johnson
"Excellent! Patty knows how to work with young children and easily adapts presentations to meet the need of the group. She is amazing at reading a group and adjusting the program (if necessary) to go in the direction of the kids but still maintaining to goals and objectives set out! She's fantastic!!" - Pamela Franklin-Cooper
"Absolutely. Patty's presentations are always fantastic. She has great teaching skills. " - Carrie Heyde
"Patty was amazing, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable! I would highly recommend other teachers to book her presentation!!" - Susan Potter
"Patty was amazing, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable! I would highly recommend other teachers to book her presentation!!" - Susan Potter
"Patty is an amazing and extremely knowledgeable presenter who engages the students to make the entire presentation fun for them!!" - Susan Potter
"Patty had a great presentation! She is very knowledgeable about bats and she worked really well with my students in my class." - Rhonda Murphy
"Patty had a great presentation! She is very knowledgeable about bats and she worked really well with my students in my class." - Rhonda Murphy
"I would recommend Patti. She was very knowledgeable about bats and she was great at interacting with my students." - Rhonda Murphy
"Patty is very knowledgeable about bats and she is very good at adjusting the program for the students' age and interest!" - Carolyn Cross
"Patty is a pro. We had technical difficulties and she changed her presentation on the fly. She fit it to K/1 perfectly as well as adjusting to the sleepy 'post Halloween' vibe in the room." - Michelle Quinn
"I just love Patty Batty! She truly has a gift for connecting with children and sharing what is so obviously a passion for bats and the outdoors. I am always inspired by her teaching and always learn something new. " - Sheryl Smith
"Patty is amazing. She holds kindergarten interest for an hour, which is no small feat. Her presentation is hands-on and tailored to the kids. We love her." - leah draper
"Patty is a fantastic instructor with a passion for teaching about bats. Her enthusiastic, age-appropriate presentation engaged my students' curiosity!" - Carolyn Cross
"Patty is lively and draws us into whatever topic she is sharing on." - Shannon Magee
"Patty engaged the students and we all had fun!" - Judi Poole
"Patty was excellent with the children and kept them engaged throughout the presentation. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching the children." - Carmen Gallina
"Patty is always well prepared and eager to share her knowledge in ways that engage children." - Carolyn Cross

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