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Please Note: Up to $300 in bussing reimbursement is available for fully subsidized programs only.

A $50 bussing reimbursement is available for slightly, heavily, and non-subsidized programs.

Book the bus with your school/district

On the transportation request form, please clearly indicate that CBEEN/Wild Voices is to be billed for the bus expenses (up to $300 for fully subsidized programs, and up to $50 for slightly, heavily, and non-subsidized programs). If the bus expense will be over the CBEEN reimbursement limit, be sure to include a school code to which you can bill the excess amount.

How reimbursement is made

For SD5, 6, 10, 19, and 20: Send the field trip summary to the person at your school/district that deals with paying for bussing invoices. This school district contact will then invoice CBEEN for the reimbursement once the original bus invoice has been paid by the school/district. (Please have the invoices emailed to Mia at wildvoices@cbeen.org).

For SD8: Teachers will send the paid bus invoice along with the field trip summary to wildvoices@cbeen.org after the trip has been completed. CBEEN will then issue reimbursement to the school/district.

Questions about claiming a bussing cost reimbursement?

Contact Mia at wildvoices@cbeen.org

Contact Us

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