Community Educator (CE) Agreement, 2017-2020

As a Community Educator for the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network’s (CBEEN’s) Wild Voices for Kids Program I hereby agree that:

  1. I am a registered member of CBEEN, current to each school year I deliver programs within;
  2. I am not an employee, contractor nor an official representative of CBEEN; I am providing my knowledge and services to support environmental education in the Columbia Basin;
  3. I will provide the Wild Voices Program Manager with a copy of my Criminal Record Check prior to any contact with students, and will update this CRC to be current within a period of five years, or as requested by CBEEN staff;
  4. I will share my Social Insurance Number with CBEEN so that I may be provided with a T4-A detailing my honoraria and expense income at year-end;
  5. For safety and liability considerations, I will share information related to my personal WorkSafeBC coverage with CBEEN:
    • If I am registered or able to register for personal coverage. I will provide the Wild Voices Program Manager with my WorkSafeBC number;
    • If I do not qualify for personal WorkSafeBC coverage, I will send written verification of this to the Wild Voices Program Manager. Under these circumstances, I will be covered under CBEEN’s WorkSafeBC coverage for the Wild Voices Program.
  6. I understand that any photos taken of me may be included in CBEEN communications.


  1. Prior to any bookings for my program(s), I will complete the online Wild Voices Program Application for approval by the Wild Voices Program Manager and the Wild Voices Advisory Committee. I am responsible for the content of my presentation(s) in that:
    • My presentation(s) is/are related to the environment and/or natural history;
    • My presentation(s) is/are linked to the current BC public school curriculum;
    • My presentation(s) is/are bias-balanced, based on reputable scientific or historical research, and do not promote partisan political messages of any kind.
  2. Once my presentation(s) is/are approved, I will communicate any subsequent changes to program content immediately and in writing to the Wild Voices Program Manager;
  3. I have the freedom to accept or deny requests for my presentation(s) dependent upon my availability, however:
    • I will honour all bookings once made, or will make all reasonable efforts to contact a school to cancel or postpone if necessary;
    • I will notify the Wild Voices Program Manager of significant or long-term changes to my availability to deliver programs.


  1. When delivering a field-based presentation, I will be protected from liability under CBEEN’s insurance policy only if I act in accordance with the following:
    • Field trips will at all times be planned, organized and conducted with the standard of care of a prudent parent and careful educator:
      • I will take all reasonable steps to evaluate and minimize risk to students;
        • I will communicate my trip plan to the teacher;
      • I understand that field-based presentations are not to occur in the backcountry, but be confined to private or publicly managed lands, or established trails, sites or facilities on Crown land;
      • I will inspect any new field site to ensure it is accessible, safe, age- and ability-appropriate prior to delivering a presentation there;
        • I will not take students into areas of ongoing industrial activity or near natural hazards such as cliffs, swift moving water or avalanche paths in winter;
      • I will not engage in any activity considered inherently hazardous to students, including but not limited to: rock or cliff climbing, rappelling, downhill skiing or activities over water;
      • I will conduct all presentations during normal school hours, and understand that overnight field trips are not permitted.
    • That I will report to CBEEN immediately of any incident or injury to a student during a field-based presentation.
  2. I am responsible for obtaining all permits required for field-based presentations:
    • I understand that field trips shall not occur on private lands without the consent of the landowner;
    • I will ensure that access to the site is permitted for the time that the field trip is to take place.
  3. I recognize that teachers also have responsibilities during my presentations. The teacher(s):
    • Must be present at all times: I understand that I am never to be alone with a minor;
    • Is/are responsible for class management during my presentation;
    • Is/are ultimately responsible for the students under their care;
    • Is/are responsible to ensure the activity adheres to School District Policy;
    • Is/are responsible for forwarding any email communication from myself to parents regarding the program they are to receive.


  1. As a token of appreciation for my time, CBEEN will provide an honorarium for my services:
    • Only if I am not already being paid wages during the delivery of the program by my current employer;
    • According to the current rates outlined on the Community Educators page of the Wild Voices website for in-class and field-based presentations;
      • I understand that compensation is inclusive of GST, and it is my responsibility to account for this income to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA);
    • Upon the receipt and approval of an online Honoraria Request;
      • I agree to submit these requests for payment within CBEEN’s online system upon completion of each Wild Voices for Kids program;
      • I will include the number of volunteer hours I contribute in-kind in preparing for and travelling to each Wild Voices for Kids program I deliver;
      • I understand that CBEEN pays out invoices on a monthly basis: invoices submitted at month-end will be paid-out in the following calendar month.
  1. I may be compensated for the mileage I incur over 30 km, one-way for travel to the Wild Voices presentations I deliver according to CBEEN’s Environmental Operations Policy. However, to be considered for compensation of travel expenses, I must:
    • Submit a written request to the Wild Voices Program Manager for pre-approval before the mileage is incurred;
    • Once approved, I will submit an online invoice for travel expenses monthly (or as needed) to the Wild Voices Program Manager.


Please download the Community Educator Agreement here:
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