Community Educators Online Opportunities

Please fill out this form to let the Wild Voices Program Manager know if you're interested in running online learning opportunities for students and families in May and June.

  • Which of your programs would you be able to adapt to fit an online 1 hour webinar format? Think about which of your programs can be done as a presentation easily supported by visuals/pictures. We're picturing offering these at a regularly scheduled time so that students, classes and families could join in based on their interests and curriculum topics they might need to cover.
  • If you checked multiple grade levels and have more than one program to suggest you can specify here if needed which program you're picturing for which grade level.
  • At the end of your webinar you would be encouraged to provide a follow up activity that the students could do outside in their backyard or in a nearby natural area (observing appropriate social distancing, of course) that compliments the topic you presented. What ideas do you have for an extension for your program?
    We are planning on scheduling these programs at 10 am PST/11 am MST so that families have the afternoon to explore your extension activities outdoors.
  • Please let us know here if there is anything else we should know or consider, or if there are any specific dates that you know you are not available.
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Thank you for contacting CBEEN! Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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