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How Does a Wild Voices Booking Work? 

1. The Teacher creates a booking.

This will appear as a pending booking.

2. The Community Educator (CE) accepts the Pending booking.

The CE will receive an email and message in the CBEEN system, notifying them of the Pending booking. The CE must review the booking and select their preferred date.

3. The Teacher confirms the booking.

The Teacher receives an email and message in the CBEEN system. The Teacher can now confirm the booking.

Step-by-Step Booking Instructions


To Start:

You will receive an email notifying you that a teacher has booked a program. You can follow the link in the email, or sign into your account to accept a pending booking.

Step 1:

Select My Bookings from the menu. Press the Upcoming Bookings button. Press View beside the relevant booking.

Step 2:

On the Pending Agreement page, you will be able to review booking details, accept, or deny proposed program times. You can accept or deny a booking on the left side of this page.

If you would like to accept a booking, select the desired date option and press Accept.

The booking is now accepted!

*For the booking to be confirmed, the teacher must still confirm the booking on their end.

Once the booking is confirmed by the teacher, you will receive another email and the program will appear as confirmed on your account.

Community Educators can create and initiate bookings for teachers. If you would like support creating a booking for a teacher, please contact Mia at wildvoices@cbeen.org.

Please contact the Wild Voices program manager at wildvoices@cbeen.org.

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