Science World’s digital eco-storytelling contest supports BC teachers and promotes place-based environmental education. This project-style, inquiry-based program is a 21st century learning opportunity in scientific exploration, storytelling, media arts and advocacy. Document and share your green stories, win prizes and celebrate your team’s greenest achievements with BC Green Games!

BC Green Games entries may consist of new or on-going action projects committed to environmental stewardship. Final project submissions must be original works. In the case of on-going projects, the final submission must share updates/improvements from previous years.

Acceptable Submission Guidelines:

  1. Media and supporting files must be clearly named and uploaded to the BCGG website.
  2. Specific formats may include, but are not limited to:
    • Photo Essay: 3–10 images, Size: 5MB per image
    • Video Project: 1 video, Length: 3 minutes or less, Size: 100 MB max, File Type: avi, wmv, mov, mp4
    • Projects that include online elements, e.g. a website, may be hyperlinked in the summary text
  3. All entries must be original works.
  4. All applicable Community Coaches must be tagged.
  5. To be considered for the Energy Prize and the Return-It trip, projects must be tagged with corresponding prize sponsor.
  6. MUSIC AND ARTWORK: Entries must comply with copyright law. No entry may include any trademarked or third-party material(s) (photos, voice-overs, music etc.) without obtaining written permission from the owner(s) of the trademarked material(s).
  7. Entries may be part of a school’s regular academic program, a student-initiated program or completed in consultation with supporting environmental education organizations.
  8. It is recommended that each team includes, as part of their submission, an attribution – non-commercial – free distribution Creative Commons 3.0 licence.


  1. By submitting an entry, each team grants BC Green Games the right to use the entry in whole or in part for any purpose whatsoever, e.g. to make copies of the entry for further promotion; to display the entry on its website, or any successor website; and can publicly perform, display or distribute such entry to any person or organization in any manner.
  2. Rights Release (Including Model Release)

Modifications to these rules will be posted on the BC Green Games website.

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