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Wild Voices programs are cancelled for April 2020 through June 2020 due to full and partial school closures in BC.  In the coming months we will be planning ways for the Wild Voices program to restart in September 2020, including new options for online learning with our Wild Voices programs as a new bookable option for our Wild Voices programming.

For online learning in May and June 2020 we encourage you to check out the Wild Voices Online presentation series!  More information and registration can be found at cbeen.ca/wild-voices-online.


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All About Bats: Kootenay-Columbia

Bookable Type(s) In Class (approx 1 hr)
Duration1 Hour
Contact This Presenterjessdwilliams7@gmail.com / 250-512-9248

About the Program
Did you know that bats can eat their body weight in insects in a night? Or that some residents of the Columbia Basin have rare bat species living in their garden shed? During this program, students find out more about the amazing world of bats including their biology, ecology and myths. Students get a virtual tour of bats from around the world, eavesdrop on the echolocation calls of bats, touch and feel bat research equipment.

Post-program activities can be left with the instructor. Students will learn more about how to participate in bat counts or build a bat house.

About the Community Educator
Jessica Williams is an environmental educator with a Outdoor Leadership and Ecotourism Degree. She has been teaching various outdoor education programs for 10 years in the Kootenay-Columbia, including "All About Bats".

Jessica Williams

Organization: Kootenay Community Bat Project

Title: All About Bats

Address: Rossland, BC

Curriculum Links:
Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife
Seasons:Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Intermediate (4-6), Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD20


See 13 testimonials.
"Jess was great! She had good ideas to engage the kids keeping in mind their age and attention span. The kids especially loved the real bats that she brought in! My kids are still talking about Echolocation and I think I even heard one of them singing "Batney Spears" the other week! Thanks so much CBEEN and Jess!" - Lauren Merler
"Will recommend" - Treena Moorey
"positive, engaging" - Charlotte Obal
"positive, engaging " - Charlotte Obal
"Joanne was very knowledgable and enthusiastic about her topic. She seemed to be more geared to slightly older kids (mine are between 5 and 7 years old).....some of the content was over their heads, and we ran out of time for her to show samples of real bats, which is more engaging than a video or a poster. The "find the baby bat" game was great, though. I would recommend Joanne for any group Grade 3 and up." - Catherine MacKinnon
"Our school district uses Mac computers so it is important that presentations are compatible. This educator was very enthusiastic and well prepared! She even wrote her own song! " - Judy Gresley-Jones
"Great job. The students chose the topic of bats, and many of their questions were answered. " - Bailey Peters
"Joanne was patient, engaged the students positively, and had an organized presentation that intrigued the students for an extended period of time." - Treena Moorey
"Wonderful presentation. The children learned a lot about bats in an engaging manner." - Jill Morgan
"She did an awesome job! Kids were interested and engaged! They loved the echolocation game and getting scared by Bella!" - Melanie Green
"Thank you for coming in to our class. I love your patience and soft spoken voice that captured all the students attention. They enjoyed having someone else educate them about bats and liked the games you had planned." - Vanessa Bella
"Jess was an incredible educator. She kept it fun and interesting, and the students were very engaged." - Susan Christie
"Jessica was amazing, engaging, knowledgeable and able to adapt to an early primary class needs. Children and I were engaged the entire time and could have kept her with us for the entire day, talking and sharing about bats. Highly recommend this program!" - Erin Koorbatoff

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