We are pleased to partner with the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM), Green Teacher, and the North American Association of Environmental Education to offer a wide variety of webinars.

Easy, Local, Bird-Focused Citizen Science

Wednesday, March 27th

Citizen Science has great potential as a win-win for students/educators and their communities, and there are many bird-related projects from which to choose. But what if I have little knowledge of birds? What if my organization is resource-lean? Are there program available in my geographic region? Liza Barney will answer these questions and speak more generally about the many well-supported bird-focused citizen science programs in Canada and the US.

Secrets to Snagging Great Science Partners

Wednesday, April 10th

In this webinar, Megan Edgar will help you understand how to cultivate and grow relationships with community members who can enrich classroom learning experiences. She will help you determine what type of partnership is right for your students, how to grow partnerships into long-term research projects, and how to tie field experiences to required curriculum. This webinar will help you learn how to take your students into the real world of science and conservation where they can practice science process skills in an authentic setting and meet inspiring people from their home community.

Inspiring Conservation Action

Wednesday, April 17th

Join the April instalment of NAAEE’s monthly webinar series and next edition of the eeINSPIRE webinar series, presented in partnership with the US Forest Service. Featuring Nicole Ardoin (Stanford University) and Judy Braus (Executive Director, NAAEE), we’ll take a deep dive into NAAEE’s Toolkit for Engaging People in Conservation Action, discussing how to plan a conservation education program, inspire a conservation ethic, and increase the impact of behaviour change efforts.


Introduction to Inquiry Learning

Students as Stewards: How to engage your students to become active environmental stewards

EE & the Redesigned BC Curriculum: Place-based, inquiry-based and experiential learning for the 21st Century

Inspiring Places: Exploring outdoor learning spaces with young children


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