2017 Leadership Clinic

The 2017 Leadership Clinic is a partnership between the BCTF Environmental Educators Provincial Specialist Association (EEPSA) and the Columba Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN). The 2017 Leadership Clinic will help to facilitate the development of a Local Chapter of the Environmental Educator’s Provincial Specialist Association (EEPSA) in each school district in the Columbia Basin. A Local Chapter is a teacher-driven organization that helps local teachers come together to collaborate, engage in professional development and influence curriculum.

Applications have now closed. For more information please contact info@cbeen.org.


  • CBEEN and EEPSA will co-host a Leadership Clinic from Saturday, April 29 – Tuesday, May 2 at Nipika Mountain Resort – a beautiful eco-resort adjacent to Kootenay National Park.
  • All K-12 teachers from the Columbia Basin region (School Districts 5, 6, 8, 10, 19, 20, & 51) are invited to apply.
  • The application period closed on February 15, 2017.
  • FREE registration for successful applicants – only cost is for CBEEN & EEPSA annual membership ($55 total)
  • All food, accommodation and learning supplies will be covered.
  • EESPA and CBEEN are looking to support at least one day (of 2 days) of release time.
  • Participants will be responsible for getting to and from the Leadership Clinic. Carpooling is encouraged we will provide a contact list of participants so that costs can be shared and carbon emissions are reduced.
  • A team of teachers from each school district will be selected to attend. Participants will be selected based on their background in environmental education and engagement in professional development in the school district. We will also consider school district size, geographic distribution of applicants, and representation of a variety of class levels and subjects.
  • We will notify all applicants by February 24, 2017.

What is involved in developing an EEPSA Local Chapter?

  • An EEPSA Local Chapter is a local, teacher-led organization that helps teachers come together to collaborate, engage in professional development and influence curriculum.
  • Each chapter needs a president to set the agenda and chair the meetings, a secretary to compile minutes and send them to our secretary and a treasurer to submit your expenses for reimbursement.
  • You can invite administrators and community educators to be involved, but it should be led by BCTF members.  Local Chapters and PSAs exist under the auspices of the BCTF.
  • For more information on EEPSA go to http://eepsa.org/connect/lsa/

Background: CBEEN Leadership Clinic

CBEEN’s Leadership Clinic provides an incredible opportunity for a team to come together and collaborate to turn their ideas into action. It uses creative group thinking to identify and develop strategic approaches to solving complex issues that results in action plan that truly makes a difference.

CBEEN began offering the Leadership Clinic in partnership with the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication in 2014. CBEEN’s Leadership Clinic allows up to eight teams each representing a diversity of skills and experiences to come together over four days to team-build, action-plan and collaborate with other teams.

CBEEN’s 2016 Environmental Education Leadership Clinic brought together school district teams from across the Columbia Basin to collaborate around place-based environmental education and the new BC curriculum.

CBEEN - members

VIDEO: 2016 Environmental Education Leadership Clinic

Feedback from past participants

The CBEEN Leadership Clinic is an AMAZING opportunity to advance a project into action; network with other passionate and skilled professionals and personally benefit from linking into current research while effectively implementing planning models.

CBEEN created and organized an amazing opportunity to unify our team and significantly increase the efficiency of our objectives.

The CBEEN Leadership Clinic was an amazing opportunity to both network and develop our team goals. It was also highly informative in new and improved ways to increase the effectiveness of my environmental education program.

A wonderful mix of focussed, productive time and just the right amount of free time to digest the material, network with others and recharge.

The Leadership Clinic enabled our busy and fragmented group to collaborate, plan and put into action our goal. This would not have happened without this opportunity, and because of it we will be able to implement an important project across the Columbia Basin.

I would strongly urge any group seeking to strengthen their organization to attend the Leadership Clinic. The structure, pace and easily adapted activities were energizing and inspiring.

The Leadership Clinic is the best form of support we have experienced for non-profit organizations in my 21 years of experience!

The Leadership Clinic is exactly what we needed. With the skilled facilitators, amazing venue and well-crafted agenda and sessions, we were able to clarify goals and objectives as well as develop a tangible action plan for our project.

We got more accomplished in three days than a year of work. The experience supported and practiced the principles we try to teach. This was an invaluable opportunity for developing a much needed, effective, collaborative and strategic program.

This was the most insightful and inspiring workshop I have attended. The final result is an amazing framework and plan for the next several years of work.

The CBEEN Leadership Clinic is a program that draws the best out of individuals, team and an amazing environmental network

The 2015 EE Leadership Clinic was not only an amazing, inspiring and energizing professional development experience, but we also accomplished a lot which we can use to move forward in a practical manner.

The Leadership Clinic is invaluable! It gives the “front line” workers of EE the time, space and tools to focus on specific goals that will have positive impacts that ripple out at the community, regional, provincial and national levels.

What an incredible opportunity for anybody involved in the field of environmental education. The Leadership Clinic challenges you to deeply evaluate and understand your goals and objectives and sets you up to move forward in delivering the best possible program.

The gift of time to thoughtfully plan and develop as leadership groups is priceless.