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In light of the announcement that BC schools are suspended until further notice we are not currently allowing bookings of Wild Voices programs to be made for the 2019/2020 school year.  We are monitoring the situation closely and will resume regular programming when schools are in session.

When schools are in session, our regular subsidized rates will be available.

– $150 (1-1.5 hr in class or outdoor program)

– $250 (half-day field study)

– $350 (full-day field study)

Teachers who are current CBEEN members may access one complimentary program (with up to $250 in bussing cost reimbursement) for their classroom in the school year. Up to 200 complimentary programs are available for the 2019-2020 school year to teachers across the Basin on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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Field to Fork to Fetilizer

Bookable Type(s) Half Day Field Study
Duration2.5 Hours
LocationGroundswell Network Society Community Greenhouse. Bus required for out of Invermere schools.
Contact This Presenterranchuparound@gmail.com

About the Program

This program will take place in the Community Greenhouse - a perfect place to discuss where our food comes from, what healthy eating looks like, and composting to return the nutrients to the the earth!

We will experience a Sensory wake up as we taste, feel, see, hear, smell different fruits and vegetables in a variety of preserved states. We will do preserving of local season foods while discussing communicable and non communicable diseases - washing hands, sneezing on your sleeve and coughing in the trough. We will digest - talking about where our food goes once in our mouth, in our sit spots. We will sing a bunch of silly songs, share stories, and play games.

About the Community Educator

Lisa is an Early Childhood Educator, Support Worker (for preschoolers, children, teenagers and adults requiring extra support), Ranch UpAround Camp Owner and Operator and MudPie Collective co-owner. In the past, Lisa was a Preschool Teacher, Family Program Coordinator, Behaviour Interventionist, Cub Scout Leader and Children's Centre Manager. Her favourites include children, animals, and dirt!

Lisa Lehr

Organization: Ranch UpAround

Title: Early Childhood Educator - Ranch UpAround Camp Owner and Operator - Support Worker for children and adults who require extra support - MudPie Collective co-Owner

Address: Invermere, BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife, Sustainable Living, Food, Indigenous Education
Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn
Grade Levels:Independent, Intermediate (4-6)
School Districts:Independent, SD6

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Sorry, bookings are temporarily disallowed while we perform ongoing maintenance. Check back soon!
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