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COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

Wild Voices programs are cancelled for April 2020 through June 2020 due to full and partial school closures in BC.  In the coming months we will be planning ways for the Wild Voices program to restart in September 2020, including new options for online learning with our Wild Voices programs as a new bookable option for our Wild Voices programming.

For online learning in May and June 2020 we encourage you to check out the Wild Voices Online presentation series!  More information and registration can be found at cbeen.ca/wild-voices-online.


Unbookable Booked 5 time(s)

Plant and Play

Bookable Type(s) Half Day Field Study
Duration3 Hours
LocationGroundswell Community Greenhouse, Invermere
Contact This Presenterms.jl.king@gmail.com

This program is only available in the Columbia Valley

About the Program
The Plant and Play program introduces students to the basic survival needs of plants, the importance, parts, and lifecycle of plants. Students learn that different vegetables and plants have adapted different seeds and have a chance to match the seeds with what plant they are from. Students will plant seeds both at the Community Greenhouse and in a small pot that they can take home and watch the development. Students, teachers, and families are encouraged to return to the Groundswell Community Greenhouse to check on the progress of their plants over the season.

The program combines lessons, hands-on activities, a 5 senses sit spot, a song/chant, hands-in the dirt activities and a take away as well as games and free playtime. The program will be outside, so please dress according to the weather and with the understanding that students will be getting into the dirt (and thus dirty!).

Curriculum Connections include:
1) Plants and animals have observable features
How do the different features of plants and animals help them meet their basic needs?
2) Daily and seasonal changes affect all living things
What daily and seasonal changes can you see or feel?
3) Basic needs of plants and animals - include habitat — food, water, shelter, and space
Adaptations of local plants and animals - may include structural features or behaviours that allow organisms to survive ; features may include roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds;
4) Seasonal changes - seasons - spring, summer, fall, winter; plant life cycle

About the Community Educator
Jessie enjoys getting students working in school gardens as she believes it is vitally important for people to understand where their food comes from, what is entailed in growing food, and allowing people to experience growing their own food to empower them. Jessie has enjoyed taking kids outside for years, formerly as a teacher & Trex leader, and now with Wildsight & CBEEN.

Jessie King

Title: Educator

Address: Invermere, BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife, Sustainable Living, Food
Seasons:Spring, Summer
Grade Levels:Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD6

Book Plant and Play:

Sorry, bookings are temporarily disallowed while we perform ongoing maintenance. Check back soon!
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