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Fun with Composting Worms

Bookable Type(s) In Class (approx 1 hr)
Duration1 Hour
Contact This Presenterkootenaywormcomposting@gmail.com

“Fun with Composting Worms” for Schools with Susan Panylyk “The Worm Lady”

About the Program
Students love worms! Students will learn how valuable and special Mother Nature’s amazing little helpers, composting worms, are for our health, food supply, climate and the environment!

This interactive program will give students hands-on learning of:

  • How worms grow (cocoons, babies, juveniles, and adults)
  • Worm anatomy, physiology, reproduction
  • What worms eat and how much to feed them
  • What keeps them healthy
  • How to set up and maintain a healthy worm bin
  • Castings and how valuable this product is for our food supply
  • How worms benefit the environment & help with climate change
  • How to avoid common problems with raising worms
  • Each classroom will receive a bait size cup with two juvenile worms that they can use as a science experiment that will focus on
  • Red Wiggler worm reproduction numbers.

About the Community Educator
Susan has been an avid worm composter for more than 10 years and has a passion for teaching about the benefits of using composting worms for our food supply, helping with waste management systems, and enhancing our environment!

Susan Panylyk

Organization: Kootenay Worm Composting

Title: Educator/Owner

Address: Baynes Lake British Columbia , BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife, Sustainable Living, Climate Change
Seasons:Spring, Autumn
Grade Levels:Independent, High (10-12), Middle (7-9), Intermediate (4-6), Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD6, SD5


See 31 testimonials.
"Susan is passionate about the subject of vermiculture. She is incredibly knowledgeable but can present the information in a way that engages the students. Her passion shone through. She has set up the presentation to be hands on and has created fabulous props to teach about worms. Her stuffed worms are fantastic. She brings enough materials that all students can be engaged." - Victoria Larsen
"Wild Voices is providing a great service - an extension beyond the classroom - a connection from the classroom into the real world." - Karen Deibert
"Passionate, used great technical vocabulary but in a way primary students understood and were motivated to remember. This presentation is an important one!" - Caren Nagao
"The presentation was excellent. I would definitely invite this educator back into my classroom. Thank you!" - Caren Nagao
"Susan was amazing! Great presentation." - Stephanie Noel
"Susan really knows her stuff. She has many hands-on experiences and a passion for the topic." - Caren Nagao
"All 3 classes found Susan to be highly engaging and knowledgable about her topic. " - Amber Thompson
"Very friendly, kid appropriate, engaging, knowledgable-overall a wonderful presentation for myself and the kids who relayed a ton of new info." - Ricki Thomson
"Her enthusiasm and knowledge inspired us and I even bought a composter for my class! Everyone was hands on with the worms and we loved her stuffy models of the stages of the worm." - Carol Johns
"Yes" - Deanna Calder
"more student interaction. If you ask a question let the kids answer." - Sandra Wales
"Invite Susan in to address any enviro connection about soil, there are many different areas that can be addressed through this topic (many). Worm bins and composting with worms is a fantastic way to contribute positively to the environment." - Karen Deibert
"Very knowledgeable presenter." - Chris Catherall
"Loved your energy and style with the kids. You are an amazing teacher!" - monica vording
"The students and I loved the worm composting presentation. Susan's energy is great and the kids love calling her the Worm Lady. She brought some great manipulatives to show the students the parts of the worm and their life stages, as well as live worms and compost to dig through for the students to interact with what they were learning. For younger students, they may have sat just a little too long, but they were still engaged with the information they were being given. I especially appreciated Susan's focus on environmental responsibility and how composting is a great alternative to throwing your organics in the trash where it just rots. Great work!" - Nadine Rake
"I really appreciated the opportunities for the kids to gently handle the worms in small groups and to examine the soil for their cocoons." - Heather Ackert
"She engaged the children and modified her talk to accommodate the different age groups in our school." - Sheila O'Grady
"very upbeat, engaging, kept students interest entire time" - Colleen Maletta
" Susan is a local expert on soil microbiology and vermicomposting. She is an excellent resource for education. " - Victoria Larsen
"Susan was very knowledgeable and engaged the students. She address composting and the worms from multiple topic points." - Barbara Belisle
"I think I could have contacted the presenter earlier to coordinate stations for the kids to move to as we have such a large class of 23 students who are very active!!" - Jennifer Doll
"The info Susan has to share on worms, worm-soil and the soil food-web is important and valuable. At points throughout the session - stopping and including visuals - while reviewing some of the steps - may have been helpful." - Karen Deibert
"Focused, knowledgeable and lots of enthusiasm. " - Bill Sutherland
"We have purchased a worm compost and other classes will be booking to learn about this valuable resource." - Laurie Neeve
"Susan was excellent and provided hands on activities to engage my students" - Steph Roberts
"Susan did an amazing job with my group of Kindergarten students. They loved it!" - September Helmer
"She is very enthusiastic, knows her stuff, and likes kids!!" - Brenda Danyluk
"A clear highlight for the students was getting to examine the worms. They were universally engaged in demonstrating what they learned during the worm exploration!" - Hannah Garvie-Ransen
"Susan really knew what she was talking about and her level of engagement with my students was amazing. The students talked about worms for many days afterwards and then it was brought up again on our trip to the Fish Hatchery." - Colleen Bermel
"We had a wonderful time. The students were engaged through the entire presentation. They talked about the presentation for a number of days after it was finished, and were able to identify their new learning from the presentation. I would HIGHLY recommend this presentation, and this presenter to another class!" - Nancy Dyck
"Susan is very passionate and knowledgeable about the red wigglers and the composting. She had lots of props to show the students and engage them. She left us 2 teenage worms in a cup . These worms will develop into adult worms, breed and each worm will have 3 babies. We will see in June how many worms are in the cup! Students are very excited." - Krista Horn

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