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All programs are now available for booking at the subsidized rates of:

– $150 (1-1.5 hr in class or outdoor program)

– $250 (half-day field study)

– $350 (full-day field study)

Teachers who are current CBEEN members may access one complimentary program (with up to $250 in bussing cost reimbursement) for their classroom in the school year. Up to 200 complimentary programs are available for the 2021-2022 school year to teachers across the Basin on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We ask that teachers ensure that a program does not violate their school and/or district policies before booking.  It is the responsibility of the teacher to confirm program suitability and communicate needs and questions to the Community Educator.

As with the previous school year, we have a COVID-19 policy in place for the 2021-2022 school year.  Teachers booking programs are expected to read this plan in advance of their program to understand our policies and practices around offering programs this year. 

Questions about the policy may be directed to the Wild Voices Program Manager at wildvoices@cbeen.org



Bookable Booked 28 time(s)

Watershed Connections: A Web of Ecological Diversity

Bookable Type(s) Half Day Field Study Full Day Field Study
Duration5 Hours
Locationvarious field locations
Contact This Presentershanoonoftheforest@gmail.com / 250-226-6757

About the Program
Investigate aquatic ecosystems and the interconnectedness of our bio-region.

About the Community Educator
Shannon Bennett has a BSc in Earth Sciences and has been working in environmental education since the early 80's as a Park Naturalist in Alberta and BC Parks. She loves to inspire, engage, connect, and motivate students to discover and explore their wild local bioregions, to develop curiosity, knowledge, awareness and appreciation of where they live.

Shanoon Bennett

Organization/School: Wild Voices for Kids, Wildsight, Slocan River Streamkeepers

Title: Environmental Educator

Address: Winlaw, BC

Curriculum Links:
Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife, Water
Seasons:Spring, Autumn
Grade Levels:High (10-12), Middle (7-9), Intermediate (4-6), Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD20, SD8


See 17 testimonials.
"Shanoon is incredibly informed and informative. Her enthusiasm is contagious and definitely got the kids excited to be learning. She has great behaviour management strategies and really "owned" her position as leader of the group during the presentation, which was so very welcome and allowed me to then focus more on helping with snowshoes, finding lost mittens, etc." - Kirsten Johnson
"Shanoon is a rock star!" - Jessica Foster
"Shanoon is very good at what she does. She is very knowledgeable and great with the kids. " - Cole Auringer
"I consider Shanoon to have done an excellent job. My class has a bit of spring fever and on a couple of occasions did not behave as respectfully towards her as they should have (chatting when should have been listening). Shanoon did a wonderful job of engaging the students with several different activities; some of my kids came in today saying they had gone grazing in the bush yesterday!" - Lawrence Redfern
"Shanoon was very knowledgeable and, despite a somewhat miserable day (weather wise), she pressed on and made the most of the situation. Her enthusiasm was contagious. She memorized all the kids' names in short order and developed a rapport with them quickly." - June Samulak
"Shanoon is an excellent presenter. She had the kids involved and she made the information informative." - Karen Walgren
"Shanoon is a very knowlegeable and enthusiastic educator. Her delivery of information is clear and passionate. Lots of info shared. " - Stephanie Frioud
"Shanoon Bennet has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. As an educator she is engaging with the students. She is also willing to adapt her program to the needs of the group." - Marcia England
"Shanoon was a wonderful presenter and my students loved her. She went above and beyond by going to Pass Creek to find and bring back water invertebrate when we had trouble finding some in the nearby Columbia River. " - Kirsten Macaulay
"I have worked with Shanoon several times before and she is very patient with students and quickly assesses the group and individual needs. She is well-prepared for any circumstances that arise and demonstrates her interest and passion clearly." - June Samulak
"Shanoon is awesome! She has so much knowledge and passion to talk about the subject. We loved that we got to enjoy some incredible edibles even though that was not the focus of our day. The students loved the wild plants and had so much fun connecting to the critters at the Mel Deana water source. " - Venie Cheveldave
"Shanoon did a great job engaging the students. They were really excited about doing the macroinvertebrate sampling." - Nicole Burns
"This was a fabulous day and presentation! The students were very engaged and greatly appreciate the learning." - Theresa Pruss
"Shanoon has a very genuine and fun way of working with kids. She has excellent management skills and a variety of appropriate activities. Always interesting, informative and always play based." - Denise Currie
"Shannoon's workshop was exceptional. She led with such enthusiasm and offered activities that really engaged the students. Shanoon shared so much knowledge and was like a child herself full of wonder and excitement about what they discovered. It was an amazing day of exploring pond life and learning more about our ecosystem. " - Catherine Locke
"Shanoon is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the information she shares. Her enthusiasm is contagious." - Trisha Wilson
"Shanoon is very knowledgeable and keen to share her knowledge with the students; she has a variety of activities for students to learn from." - Linda Out

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