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Legends of the Forest

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About the Program
In Legends of the Forest, Darcee teaches kids how to identify trees and plants that grow and live in our forests. Students get to know our woods by taking time to stop, listen, taste, and notice things as small as a tiny mushroom all the way up to a tall Grand Fir tree.  Includes discussion on the importance of balancing harvesting, fire management, pest management, and proper preservation of wildlife and parks.

She is also obsessed with nature crafts! If time permits, she LOVES getting kids to make a craft from materials found in nature. Her favourite being paper birch canoes, maple seed dragonflies, pinecone owls, and God's Eyes.

"Legends of the Forest" is a series of books (including "Leonard the Larch" "Wendy the Whitebark Pine" and "Cedric the Cedar") written to connect kids and nature. The series teaches kids how to identify trees and encourages them to create a relationship with their environment.

About the Community Educator
Darcee O'Hearn is a science geek who enjoys exploding things, making gooey things, and getting kids excited about science, and most of all forestry. Darcee is the award winning author of the "Legends of the Forest" series.

Darcee O'Hearn

Organization/School: Legends of the Forest

Title: Forest Educator

Address: Trail, BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife, Forestry / Silviculture
Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Intermediate (4-6), Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD20, SD10, SD8


See 4 testimonials.
"Sorry, I was actually absent that day, but my TOC and my students were very positive in their comments about Darcee." - Catherine MacKinnon
"Darcee was knowledgeable and engaging, and my group really enjoyed spending the day with her. Her books are wonderful and she came prepared with a range of indoor/outdoor activities. Thanks Darcee!" - Sarah Keenan
"Darcee engages students easily with her well planned and organized presentations. Listening to Darcee read her own stories, both from her books and oral stories, was exciting and inspiring for the class. Students applied their learning immediately with fun activities, creative crafts and games. I appreciate, as do my students, that Darcee always has a surprise for us. " - Anita Vibe
"Darcee has a natural engaging way with children. During recess breaks, she was outside and many children from other classes came to her. She welcomed all questions. Her presentation included literacy, art and science." - Therese Marken

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