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Help! Not the garbage!

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Duration1 Hour
LocationThis presentation can be done in the classroom or schoolyard. It may also be done via Zoom.
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In this fun interactive presentation kids will learn that the single use items they use everyday are made from valuable materials and should be recycled where possible.

Kids learn best through stories. In this presentation, Tin Can Tina, Bob Bottle, RappingWrapper and other characters/puppets created from everyday single use items will share a little about their life stories (where they come from, their job, future dreams) so that kids understand that the objects we use are made from valuable materials, serve a useful purpose and, if they are recycled, can be turned into another useful item instead of being sent to the landfill or end up as litter polluting our environment. This understanding will help motivate kids to be more diligent recyclers, take better care of their things, and to understand they should avoid wasteful single use packaging when possible.

Ruth Kamnitzer

Organization/School: Self employed

Address: Kimberley, BC

Curriculum Links:Grade 1 Social Studies Big Ideas Our rights, roles, and responsibilities are important for building strong communities. Grade 3 Science content: matter is anything that has mass and takes up space
Tags:Sustainable Living
Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Primary (K-3)
School Districts:SD6, SD5


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