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Praise for Plants

Bookable Type(s) Half Day Field Study
Duration2.5 Hours
LocationA natural area with diverse plants - may be within walking distance, or bussing may be required
Contact This Presenterbrbeckwith15@gmail.com, (250) 608-2115

About the Program
This program is an interactive ethnobotany walk during which the splendors of plants will be shared. As much as possible we'll use our senses to interact with the plants and engage with their stories in a more intimate way. Depending on time availability, age group, and class interest, a hands-on project with native plants could be featured.

Plants are remarkable and we wouldn't be here without them. These beings have supported humans, and countless other organisms, for thousands of years. On a global scale, however, we are losing plants at a faster rate than many other living beings. Let's learn more about valuable and vital plants in our local environment and celebrate their wonders first hand. This is a Kootenay Native Plant Society supported program.

About the Community Educator
I have been learning from plants all of my life. I am fascinated and delighted by their wonders as salient beings and their myriad interrelationships with humans through the centuries. I have worked with and share my passion with plants with kids of all ages through formal education networks and independent consulting and outreach. I have taught environmental education at the post-secondary level in western US and Canada and have a PhD in ethnobotany/ethnoecology (University of Victoria).

Brenda Beckwith

Organization/School: Kootenay Native Plant Society

Address: Nelson, BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife, Sustainable Living, Food
Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn
Grade Levels:Independent, High (10-12), Middle (7-9), Intermediate (4-6), Primary (K-3)
School Districts:Independent, SD20, SD8

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