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The Climate Change Drama

Bookable Type(s) In Class (approx 1 hr)
Duration2 Hours
Locationin-class or schoolyard
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For the best learning, it is recommended teachers set aside 2 hours for this program. This program is most appropriate for grades 5 and up.

About the Program
Get to know the basic science behind the complexity of climate change: the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect and the difference between fossil and renewable energy sources.

By using drama, games and storytelling, the students will familiarize with key climate change concepts and some of the common solutions and using core competencies of critical thinking, communication and social responsibility.

About the Community Educator
After graduating university, one of Malin's first jobs was to teach climate change to schools in Sweden. Her passion for nature and social justice has lead her to travel to many countries, to be a volunteer and activist, and now to homestead in the West Kootenay. Since 2017, Malin has offered forest preschool and nature camp programming in Nelson.

Malin Christensson

Organization/School: The Forest Path

Address: Nelson, BC

Tags:Climate Change
Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Middle (7-9), Intermediate (4-6)
School Districts:Independent, SD8

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