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Kokanee Salmon Migration

Bookable Type(s) Half Day Field Study
Duration3 Hours
Locationlocal riparian area
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This field study is available in Golden only

About the Program
Part of the seasonal changes in our river valleys is the migration of the land-locked Kokanee Salmon. This migration is important to the survival of mammals, other fish, birds and the riparian zone.

Using an interactive story with props, a short skit and songs in the classroom, children learn the basics of the Kokanee Salmon Migration Story. This is followed by a trip to watch the spawning of the salmon up close and is finished by some games that reinforce the hazards of the migration.

About the Community Educator
Joyce loves where she lives and enthusiastically shares her knowledge of the critters and plants that inhabit the Columbia Valley. She believes in looking for the wonder of nature close to home: backyards, local parks and even the playground. And she's very fond of bats!

Please email Joyce at before booking!

Joyce deBoer

Organization/School: wildsight-Golden and Kootenay Community Bat Project

Title: community volunteer; passionate about bats and salmon

Address: Golden, BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife, Water
Grade Levels:Intermediate (4-6)
School Districts:SD6

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