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Citizen Science: Birding at Kokanee Creek

Bookable Type(s) Full Day Field Study
Duration5 Hours
LocationKokanee Creek Provincial Park, near Nelson
Contact This Presentersiderius@netidea.com

About the Program
Citizen Science! Be an ornithologist for a day! We are updating the Kokanee Creek Provincial Park bird checklist. You can come and be part of this great project by adding your bird sightings in the park to our data. Learn how to identify local birds by sight and by their calls. We will also be looking for bird sign (woodpecker excavations, nests, tracks, owl pellets etc.) and talking about the relationship of birds to their habitat. We may see other wildlife and wildlife sign that will round out our appreciation of the park and its "residents".

This program is based at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park in all seasons.

About the Community Educator
Joanne Siderius is a wildlife biologist, naturalist and educator who lives and works in the Kootenays. She is the senior naturalist at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park and has several years experience as a field biologist, an ornithologist and giving school presentations.

Joanne Siderius

Organization/School: Kokanee Creek Nature Centre

Title: Wildlife biologist / educator

Address: Nelson and area, BC

Tags:Ecosystems / Wildlife
Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Grade Levels:Independent, High (10-12), Middle (7-9), Intermediate (4-6)
School Districts:Independent, SD8


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"Joanne was prepared, helpful, knowledgeable and had great engagement skills with the students. She provided input forms and a website to enter our data in. She kindly came out to Winlaw so we did not have to travel all the way to Kokanee Creek (3 hour drive)." - Linda Out
"Very knowledgeable and passionate. " - Jessica Foster

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